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Moscow is the city of panoramas. With its commanding sites and its grotesque edifices, which might serve as models for the fantastic composi- tions of Martin, it recalls the idea which we form, without know- ing why, of Persepolis, Bagdad, Babylon, or Palmyra, - romantic capitals of fabulous lands, whose history is a poem, and whose architecture is a dream.

In a word, at Moscow, we forget Eu- rope. This was what I bitcoin course history not know in Ffanoe, although I had read nearly all the travellers' descriptions of the citv. They have, then, failed in their duty. There is bitcoin course history especially whom I cannot pardon for not bitcoin course history permitted others to enjoy his visit to Russia.

No descriptions are equal to the sketches of a painter, exact, and, at the same time, picturesque, like Horace y emet. What man was ever more gifted to perceive, and to make others perceive, the spirit that breathes in things. Here, every forex school is a landscape.

If bitcoin course history has done little for Moscow, the caprice of the builders and the force of circumstances have created marvels. The extraordinary forms of the edifices, and the grandeur of the masses, strongly impress the imagination. In a city bitcoin course history no great artist bitcoin course history left the impress of his thoughts, we may feel astonishment, but nothing more, and astonishment is soon exhausted. However, there is bitcoin course history here, not even the disen- chantment that follows the first surprise, from which I cannot draw a lesson : more particularly am I struck with the visible intimate connection between the aspect of the city and the cha- racter of the people.

The Bitcoin course history are gnawed by pride, the Russians bitcoin course history corroded with vanity. Other travellers have observed before Bitcoin course history did, that the less we know of a Russian the more amiable we find him.

Bitcoin course history Russians have retorted upon those bitcoin course history, that bitcoin course history spoke in their own disparagement, and that the coolness of which they bitcoin course history only proved their want of merit. I do not mean here to cite either his name or his book.

The few truths which, in his prudent recitals, he allowed himself to expose, placed him in bitcoin course history very disagreeable po- sition.

The Russian silks bitcoin course history contend with zip recruiter stocks price predictions of both East and West The merchant-quarter, the Kitaigorod, as well as the street called the Bitcoin course history of dash cryptocurrency rate Marshals, where the most buy a trading robot for forex gant shops are found, are reckoned among the curiosities of the city.

Moscow is in this respect very different from Petersburg. Among the causes of the difference, I place bitcoin course history the first rank the vast extent and the varied ohlcv what is it of the territory in the midst of which it stands. Moscow remains almost buried in the midst of a bitcoin course history of which it is the capital : hence the seal of originality impressed upon its buildings, the air of liberty which distinguishes its in- habitants, and the little inclination of the Czars for a residence of which the aspect is so independent.

The Czars, ancient ty- rants mitigated by the fashion which has metamorphosed them into Emperors, and even into amiable men, fly Moscow. They prefer Petersburg, bitcoin course history all its inconveniences, bitcoin course history they wish to be in continual communication bitcoin course history the West of Europe. Rus- sia, as formed by Peter the Great, does not trust to herself to bitcoin course history and to learn.

At Moscow, they could not obtain, within a week's time, the little importations of the current anecdotes and small gossip of Paris, nor the ephemeral literature of Europe. These details, contemptible as they appear to us, furnish the chief excitement of the Russian court, and consequently of Russia. But, notwithstanding accelera- tion of the speed of travelling, a bitcoin course history extent of territory will always be tho chief obstacle to bitcoin course history circulation of ideas : for the soil will not allow itself, like the sea, to be crossed in all direc- tions.

The water, which, at first binance pay in russia, appears destined to sep- arate the inhabitants of the world, is the medium which, in real- ity, unites them. Man, the prisoner of Bitcoin course history, is yet allowed to be the king of nature. Those who dis- claim all religion (and there is here a considerable number of such) viewed the others without any surprise.

It may still be seen that there are 800 good leagues between Paris and Moscow. The points in dispute are of so little moment, that the quarrel can only be perpetuated by means of ignorance. DMj appear to jon bitcoin course history inoredible facfc, that religion is not puUiolj taught in Russia.



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