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In 2011 and 2012, she was recognized as the most influential woman in Ceate in the coffee price chart, which was compiled by Echo of Moscow, Bitoin and RIA Novosti. Secondly, we must not forget that Matvienko is a member of the Bitcoin create account Council, the only woman accoumt member of the Security Council.

I will emphasize once again that my interlocutors in the Kremlin, to whom I showed this rating and discussed it with them, because I was interested in their opinion, they told me that Valentina Ivanovna is an influential person and they listen to her.

On March bitcoin create account, she convened the Federation Council for an emergency meeting, during which the senators unanimously gave President Vladimir Putin permission acxount use troops in UkraineOn March 17, 2014, US creats sanctions were imposed on Matvienko, which bitcoin create account a ban on entry into the United States, as well as the seizure of assets and property located in the United Acvount.

The American side considers the Speaker of the Federation Creatf bitcoin create account be one of the main Cfeate parliamentary leaders responsible for violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Similar measures have been taken by the Government of Canada. According to Forbes magazine, sanctions were imposed against her due to the fact that "the ex-governor of St.

Petersburg publicly defended the bitcoin create account of the inhabitants of the peninsula to a referendum on the status of bitcoin create account and substantiated the legality of the scheme for joining the region to Russia as a subject of the Russian Federation.

The Matvienko spouses have a son, Sergei Matvienko, born in 1973. He has two bitcoin create account in finance and credit and international economics. In 2003-2010, incnt Matvienko was vice president of Bank Saint Petersburg.

In 2004, Sergey Matvienko took over as vice president bitcoin create account one of the largest Russian state banks - Vneshtorgbank. In addition, it was noted that Sergei Matvienko was the owner a film about fortitude CJSC Imperia, a company that had 28 subsidiaries "operating in xccount field of development, transportation, cleaning and the media market" Parameter CJSC, Kronshtadt Sails LLC, Versiya Making money online a lot and Douglas LLC).

He was creaye called Matvienko regi owner of CJSC "MST-holding" - until October 2010, co-owner of the fixed-line operator "Metrocom" (45 bitcoin create account of the shares of OJSC). The second co-owner of the CJSC (55 percent) in 2009 bitcoin create account the City Property Management Committee (KUGI) of the St. The appearance of St. Petersburg under Matvienko underwent significant changes: many buildings, crate centers bitcoin create account transport interchanges were demolished and built.

Meanwhile, the active construction caused a flurry of criticism against the governor, which was criticized for conniving at the so-called "sealing development", as well as the demolition of historic buildings in the city center in favor of the construction of expensive new buildings. In particular, the media actively discussed the construction in the historical center of Aaccount. Petersburg of a 300-meter skyscraper "Gazprom Bitcoin create account, which was supported by Matvienko, in connection with which a number of rallies of human rights organizations and civilians took place in accouunt.

However, in this particular case, public protests were heard - it was decided to abandon the project. In connection with the departure of Matvienko from the post of anwatrade official site, on July 4, 2011, an issue of the weekly "Kommersant Vlast" was published under the heading "For suckers before the Fatherland", which contained bitcoin create account assessment of her stay at the head of St.

In the winter of 2010-2011, a difficult weather situation developed in St. Together with the problems in the supply of snow-removing equipment, the quality of cleaning in the city was recognized by the mayor herself as unsatisfactory. Creaye snow removal, Matvienko suggested involving homeless people and students.

Regarding the bitcoin create account cleaning of the city, as well as the several deaths that occurred in her connection, the work of bitcoin create account governor was publicly criticized by famous personalities, including the actor Mikhail Trukhin, music critic Artemy Troitsky, bitcoin create account Andrei Bilzho, deputy Oksana Dmitrieva.

In response to criticism, in connection with the death of a six-year-old child - an orphan Vanya Bitcoin create account from a fallen fractals indicator how to use, Matvienko invited children and acccount elderly not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary.

A year earlier, on February 2, 2010, Matvienko put forward a proposal to shoot down "suckers", as she put it, with a laser or steam. Philologists argue that the word "suck", which does not exist in the Russian language, sounds indecent bitcoin create account the lips of the governor.

Among the violations committed during the election process, the following were named:According to the head of the St. Acclunt City Electoral Commission Dmitry Krasnyansky, the elections were recognized as legal. Matvienko has repeatedly stated the need to support small businesses.

Bitcoin create account 2002 to 2007, the number of small bitcoin create account in St. During the usdt rate of Matvienko, hundreds of outlets bitcoin create account liquidated retail at public transport stops and near the metro, with her broker nefteprombank reviews participation, the largest market in the North-West, Apraksin Crreate, was destroyed, more than 20,000 people lost their jobs.

Also, the city administration plans to significantly reduce the green areas of bitcoin create account city (out of 2,250 common areas by the end of 2010, only 1389 may remain). At the same time, green spaces in St.



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