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Iran government was long positions very sure the aircraft came down due to a tehnical problem which makes me think the pilots radioed bitcoin earnings that they had a problem before bitcoin earnings were hit. This is why I think the plane was hit after the turn back to the airport. Already on high alert, their coms down and perhaps the planes transponder stops transmitting whould be more than enough suspition to down the aircraft.

A preplanned operation that cut bitcoin earnings defence coms and disabled the aircraft (as in cut one engine plus bitcoin earnings at the bitcoin earnings time. This is still very relevent. Something about that flight was different causing the Tor crew to fire.

A sudden turn back to the airport along with trasponder transmissions stopping and air defence comms down would cause this. That is, would it also be difficult to distinguish between bitcoin earnings commercial airliner and a cruise missile. Because, from what I've seen, that's the claim that's being made -- that the SAM operator responsible for launching the missile against the airliner was on high alert due bitcoin earnings warnings bitcoin earnings possible cruise missile launches against Bitcoin earnings and that he mistook the target for bitcoin earnings cruise missile -- or at least suspected that it was -- which, according to the narrative, is why he only had a 10-second window within bitcoin earnings to make the decision to launch bitcoin earnings why when there were "communication problems" that prevented him from getting a hold of his superiors, he had to basically flip a coin -- and unfortunately made the wrong bitcoin earnings. Now, I bitcoin earnings know if this bitcoin earnings is still current, because what I read did say this account was an "early assessment", but if it is, if it's still what they're saying -- is it plausible.

Or would this represent a hole in their narrative. Maybe someone on here could clarify this for me. The bitcoin earnings thing that bugs me, is bitcoin earnings took the footage of the bitcoin earnings actually being hit.

How did he know to train his camera in that direction at that particular place and time. Is it somebody who bitcoin earnings hangs around and films planes that happen to be passing bitcoin earnings. Or is it some camera that is maybe in a fixed position, like a security camera, that just happened to pick this up. Because it is conceivable that this could indicate foreknowledge.

Maybe someone could shed light on this for me as well. Bitcoin earnings better way to defuse the situation than by claiming it was all just an unfortunate accident. Bitcoin earnings there are some obvious problems with this narrative bitcoin earnings well. But whatever the case may be, I'd still like an answer to the misgivings I raised above. Perhaps an interesting flight simulator exercise, but it would obviously turn.

As others have pointed out, a civilian plane bitcoin earnings not have IFF and will therefore be identified as hostile when it suddenly appears in front of a Tor-M1 battery because it was made to turn.

A detailed time-line would be useful, i. It could possibly narrow the field of possibilities. Remember the Soviet downing of Flight KAL 007 back in September '83. The fear of WW3 then was just as real as what bitcoin earnings experienced last week.

The US purposefully confused KAL 007's identity by flying RC-135 reconnaissance flights near it before its reaching Soviet airspace (both are Boeing, easy to mistake for each other). Bitcoin earnings have mentioned that the pilot was Korean CIA. Either way the US got invaluable data on Aeroflot stock chart air defenses by its incursion near Vladivostok, and the USSR was attacked by the capitalist media afterward just as Iran is now.

Whether bitcoin earnings hacking or sabotage of the plane, transponder or IFF (e. Indeed it is speculation but that sometimes has its place to help break up the mass-programming going on.

Full-spectrum dominance (control when needed) has a meaning.



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