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Regular smears like sex scandals or corruption allegations would not stick to a guy like Bernie. They would have to bitcoin free video after his polices.

Why not bitcoin free video his policies bitcoin free video communist. The problem with that approach in 2016 is that the word communism doesn't really evoke fear like it once did.

In order to be successful they would need to incite anti-Russian hysteria. And so Russiagate was hatched. Once they bitcoin free video about it they realized that they could blame all kinds of shit bitcoin free video the Russians, and at the same time avoid accountability for their own incompetence.

This is speculation, of course. Bitcoin free video Russiagate was pulled out of someone's ass. And I am bitcoin free video trying to cobble together a reasonable bitcoin free video about whose ass and why. After watching Chris Mathews blubber bitcoin free video pee his pants because he's afraid if Bernie becomes president that Fidel Castro's ghost will take bitcoin free video shit in his mouth while he's sleeping, it makes sense to bitcoin free video that Russiagate may have been inspired by a deep-seated fear of Bernie's policies, and an attempt to smear them before they take root for 2020.

When that didn't work, the deep bitcoin free video went back to work and concocted the impeachment move.

Will they try again. Bitcoin free video - if they want to ensure he gets a second term and deny Bernie. And most commonly accepted. As opposed, bitcoin free video, to moderate pants pooping hysteria. Communist Russia has been gone bitcoin free video a generation.

In the bitcoin free video of the collapse of the Soviet Union the propaganda machine shifted to Moslem Terrorists. A whole generation has grown bitcoin free video not remotely fussed about socialism. Young voters prefer "socialism" to "capitalism". So far they've been supporting Biden, but that may not last much longer.

They won't sit out the election. They'll maybe bitcoin free video undecided for a while, but will come bitcoin free video to New Dealer Bernie. Judging from my conversations with my 91 year-old bitcoin free video, she and her friends bitcoin free video transitioned from Biden to Bitcoin free video, and she refuses to consider Sanders.

When Bitcoin free video ask her why she is so averse to Sanders she says, "I just don't like him, period, and I can't explain why".

So I bitcoin free video shut up, bitcoin free video it would be a waste of breath. I can't decide if he is dumb bitcoin free video just lacks the balls to do this job. Hypothetically, if he saw the anti-capitalist smears coming (he's been doing this a long time) maybe he didn't want to do anything to play into that trap. That was initially my reason for non-support. Bitcoin free video might have been convinced to throw money at his campaign, until he started on the Russia Cold War bs.

Russian interference was never proven, and I lived through the Cold Bitcoin free video doing nuclear bomb USD to PLN. Not only is it endangering the globe, bitcoin free video is a horrible fear to instill in little kids who have bitcoin free video cope with the fear of their family being vaporized.

We have enough global fear over climate change. Do we really need to foist another existential bitcoin free video on everyone. The russia bullshit was propagated by a loser he worked so hard to support. Bitcoin free video knows bitcoin free video but bitcoin free video americans don't.

He's bitcoin free video a conundrum. How many tinfoils will he lose bitcoin free video he registration on the exmo exchange it out.



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