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Kashirskaya), central playgroundSokolniki ParkSokolniki Park, Sokolniki MetroSport Complex Park "Luzhniki"Fili ParkPark LegendsPatriarch's PondsThe first men's gymnasium opposite the Cathedral of Christ the SaviorPirogovskoe reservoirPkio "Sokolniki"Pkio "Sokolniki", ice skating rink.

Entry through hire number 2playground of the Central Universal Scientific Library. Restaurant and wine bar "Extravirgin" bitcoin mine PokrovkaResource Center for LepoglokhResource Center NGOresource Center NPO "Dobryninsky"resource Center NKO WAORfficking them. PirogovRussian State LibraryRussian State Children's LibraryRussian Children's Clinical Hospital bitcoin mine National Research University.

PirogovRussia and KazakhstanRSPP, Kotelney Hall (121)Ruzhoye Per. Bauman (lawn at the playground)Garden to them. Bauman (summer reading library named after N.

Bauman (open veranda from the old Basmannaya Street)Garden to them. Bauman (Tennis Court)Garden to them. Bauman (Tribunes on the playground)Garden to them. Bauman (playground stands)Garden to them. AD BaumanGarden named after BaumanGarden HermitageSkit Studio Rock The Bitcoin mine and CitySt.

PetersburgHoly Bitcoin calculator Children's CenterFamily Park "Fairy Tale"Family Amusement Park "Fairy Tale"IC "Olympic"square Bulgakovsquare on color boulevard and pipe areasquare at the Children's Central Library No.

Bitcoin mine Billingzgate Market (Old Billingsgate Market). SechenovUniversity Square, between Moscow State University. Bitcoin mine and the observation platformManor A. PolivanovaManor VorontsovoManor TsaritsynoAssumption Alley, d. The forum will be held at the "DEWORKACY" siteBoarding No.

Church of Christ the SaviorFair Expocentrecenter "Blagruser"center "Open World"Center "Blazrupp"Center "Felnifer" (room "Big Malar")Center "Blasphere" (room "Media Center")Center bitcoin mine diagnostics and rehabilitation "Restoration"ArtPlay Design Bitcoin mine for Documentary CinemaYouth bitcoin mine centerBlood Center FMBA RussiaCenter for Culture and Business "Moscow-Falcon"municipal care bitcoin mine "Hangar salvation"Development Center "Open World" bitcoin mine KhoroshkolCenter for the Bitcoin mine of Charity and Social Bitcoin mine in Moscow "Blagruser"Center RNUContemporary Art Center WinningCenter for Contemporary Art Winning, Bitcoin mine Vintage (15 Fitness)Center for Contemporary Art Winning, White WorkshopCenter of the Creative Industries "Factory"Center ToleranceArtPlay Design Center, Small HallCentral Alley VDNH and Playground in front of the House of Culture VDNHCentral playground at Moscow StateCentral House of Artist (CDH)Central Exhibition Hall "Manege"Central Bitcoin mine Aktera.

AppleCentral architect houseCentral House Artistscentral office of the group of companies "Children's World"Tolerance Center bitcoin mine the Jewish MuseumCCS "Meridian"Tskio "Victory"CPKIO Ramenskoye (Scene "Lira")CPKIO named after GorkyCSI wineryCSKA, Bitcoin mine LFKTSTI "Factory"TSTI "Factory"Czech Center in Moscowchalet "Czech place"School of Arts them.

EkoKarket in Konkovoexpert and Methodical CenterHermitia Theater. Organizer: Ethereum price rate seasons"Alpha EndoAeroexpress and Charitable Foundation "Hurry to do good.

Di Telegraph, Charitable Foundation Elena and Gennady Timchenko, PJSC RostelecomElton Everything about ico Ultra TrailFair Play Golf and Dmitry Vinogradovfond-spasenie. WWF RussiaXiaomi, Life Line FoundationYogalates Club and garden them. Good heart"Charitable Foundation Alisher Usmanova "Art, Science and Sport"Charitable Society "RusFond"Charitable Funds "Volunteers to help bitcoin mine and "MOG arithmetic"Charitable Funds bitcoin mine AP" and "Love Syndrome"Charitable "Fluffy Run"Charity Auction MEET for CharityCharitable Bitcoin mine Foundation "Victoria"Charitable House "Good People"Boutique Charitable MeowCharity meow-boutique Pret-A-KoteCharitable project "Dari food.

Kind heart"Charitable Foundation "Arithmetic Good"Charitable Foundation "Arithmetic Goodness" and XiaomiCharitable Foundation "Arithmetic Goodness",charitable Foundation "Artist"Charitable Foundation "B. Butterfly bitcoin mine Foundation "Be Together"Charitable Foundation "Bureau of Good Bitcoin mine Foundation "Bureau of Good Deed" Bitcoin mine "Foundation" Share Bitcoin mine "charitable Foundation "Vera"charitable Foundation "Volunteers to help children-orphans" and Moscow Institute of Socio-Cultural ProgramsCharitable Foundation "Galkonok"Charitable Bitcoin mine "Galkonok" and media project "Instamam.

Charitable Foundation "Change One Life"Charitable Foundation "Ship"Charitable Foundation "Line Life"charitable Foundation "Life Line" and bitcoin mine Association of Bitcoin mine walking (RNWA)charitable Foundation "Line Life" and Russian RailwaysCharitable Foundation "Line Life" and Public Movement "Clean Case"Charitable Foundation "Mission"charitable Foundation "Find Family"Charitable Foundation "Nastya"Charitable Foundation "Nastya" and FedukCharitable Foundation "New Life" PJSC MegaFonCharitable Foundation "Need Help"Charitable Bitcoin mine "Nude Hearts"charitable Foundation "Lifestyle"Charitable Foundation "OMK-Participation"Charitable Foundation "Memory Generations"Charitable Foundation "Give Life"Charitable Foundation "Give Life", Russian State Bitcoin mine Hospital.

Charitable Bitcoin mine "Gift Angel"Charitable Foundation "Gift of Fate"Charitable Foundation "Sunflower"Charitable Foundation "Sunflower" and "Hemotest Laboratory"Charitable Foundation "Rizmir"related Foundation "Red Nouz"Charitable Foundation "Safar"Charitable Foundation "Love Syndrome"Charitable Foundation "Love Syndrome" and Salex Studio Rock The Cyclecharitable Foundation "Syndrome of Bitcoin mine with bitcoin mine support of the bitcoin mine of Suzdal and the Cycling Federation of the Vladimir RegionCharitable Foundation "Love Syndrome"Creation Charitable FoundationCharitable Foundation "Sofia"Charitable Foundation "Sport for Life"Charitable Bitcoin mine "Old age in joy"Charitable Foundation bitcoin mine Age of Bitcoin mine and Charitable Foundation "Arithmetic Good"Charitable Foundation "Happy World"Charitable Foundation "Color of Life"Charitable Foundation "Color bitcoin mine Life" and the Support District of DorogomilovoCharitable Foundation "Saloary"charitable Bitcoin mine "I-Is" and the Moscow House of BooksCharitable Bitcoin mine "Arithmetic Good"Charitable Foundation "Be Mom"Charitable Bitcoin mine "Galkonok"Charitable Investing in bitcoin "Golfstream"Charitable Foundation "Road Together"Charitable Foundation "Life as a miracle"Charitable Bitcoin mine "Life as a Miracle" together with the Synodal Department of Youth AffairsCharitable Bitcoin mine "Coteteki"charitable Foundation "Life Line"charitable Foundation "Rizmir"Charitable Foundation "Williams Syndrome"Creation Foundation "Creation"Charitable Foundation "Salvation"charitable Foundation "Hurry to do good.

Potanina Charitable FoundationCharitable Foundation V. Charitable Bitcoin mine of the Bitcoin mine of Bitcoin mine "Children's World"Charitable Foundation Dmitry Bitcoin mine "Anna" and Melon Rich magazineCharitable Foundation for bitcoin mine Protection bitcoin mine Animals "Wirth" and the Central Committee "Meridian"Charitable Foundation. Dmitry KhvorostovskyCharitable Foundation Konstantin KhabenskyCharitable Fund MissionCharitable Foundation Oksana Fedorova "Hurry to do good.

TchaikovskyCharitable Foundation Oksana Fedorova "Hurry to do good.



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