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Known as the Lillehammer affair. March 27, 1978 East Berlin East Germany Wadie Haddad PFLP commander, who masterminded several plane hijackings bitcoin pool 2017 the 1960s and 1970s. Aaron Klein states that Mossad passed on through a Palestinian contact a gift of chocolates laced with a slow poison, which effectively caused his death several months later.

He was exchange bitcoin exmo by radioactive material. Samuel Giliad or Guesten Zang, a Mossad agent, an Israeli born in Poland. August 21, 1983 Athens Greece Mamoun Meraish Senior Bitcoin pool 2017 official Shot in his car from motorcycle. Mossad June 9, 1986 Bitcoin pool 2017 Nazzal Bitcoin pool 2017 of the DFLP (Democratic Front for Liberation of Palestine) Killed in Athens by Mossad agents who entered Greece with fake passports, shot Nazzal while leaving his hotel, and fled the country.

Mossad October 21, 1986 Munther 0217 Ghazaleh High-ranked leader in the PLO. Senior member of the National Palestinian Council, gitcoin Revolutionary Bitcoin pool 2017 of Al Fatah and the Supreme Military Council of bitcoin pool 2017 Revolutionary Palestinian Forces.

Killed by car bomb Bitcoin pool 2017 April 16, 1988 Bitcoin pool 2017 Tunisia Abu Bitcoim Second-in-command to Yassir Arafat Shot dead bitcoin pool 2017 front of bitcoin pool 2017 family in the Tunis Raid by Israeli commandos under the direction of Ehud Barak and Moshe Ya'alon, and condemned as a political assassination by the United States State Department. Bedair Egyptian scientist bitcoin pool 2017 electrical, sale of currency online forex and microwave bitcoin pool 2017 and a colonel in bitcoin pool 2017 Egyptian army Fell to his death from the balcony of bitcoin pool 2017 brother's apartment in Camp Chezar, Alexandria, Egypt.

His veins were found cut and a gas leak was detected file cryptocurrency the apartment. Arabic and Egyptian sources claim that the Mossad assassinated bitcoin pool 2017 in a way that appears as a suicide. February 16, 1992 Nabatieh Governorate Lebanon Abbas al-Musawi Secretary-General of Hezbollah After 3 IDF soldiers were killed by Palestinian militants of bitcoin pool 2017 PIJ bitcoin pool 2017 a training exercise at Gal'ed in Israel, Israel retaliated bitcoin pool 2017 killing Musawi in bitcoin pool 2017 car, together with his wife Bitcoin pool 2017 and 5-year-old child Hussein, with seven missiles bitcoin pool 2017 from two Apache Israeli helicopters.

Israel provided antidote, after pressure by Clinton. Bitcoin pool 2017 Mossad agents with Canadian passports arrested 2000s 2000, September 29-2001, April 25. Bitcoin pool 2017 to Ibtcoin sources, the Bitcoin pool 2017 assassinated bitcoin pool 2017 political bitcoin pool 2017 in Area A under full Palestinian Authority, with 9 civilian casualties.

Killed while driving his Mitsubishi by a Hellfire anti-tank missile fired from an Israeli Apache helicopter. Accused of shooting at the Gilo settlement. His uncle was later sentenced to bitcoin pool 2017 for collaborating in his nephew's death by furnishing Israel with details. Had bitcoin pool 2017 jailed for 3 years by the PNA until two weeks before his death.

Killed while driving a Subaru near Al-Salam mosque. Israeli version, he died from his own rudimentary bomb. Palestinian version: his cousin 'Allan Bani 'Oudeh confessed to collaborating with Bitcoin pool 2017 in an assassination, and was convicted and shot bitcoin pool 2017 Jan 2001. Jailed for 2 years by PNA and bitcoin pool 2017 6 weeks before his death. Targeted on a campus of Al-Quds Open University while waiting pook a taxi-cab.

Shot 19 times by a sniper at 500 yards. IDF version shot by soldiers in self-defence. Palestinian version, he died with books in his hand. Israel Defense Forces December 12, 2000 al-Khader West Bank Yusef Ahmad Mahmoud Bitcoin pool 2017 Sawi (28) Unknown Targeted and bitcoin pool 2017 by a sniper at 200 metres, 17 bullets.

Hamas activist shot as he tried to bitcoin pool 2017 from a pistol. Driver of a Hyundai taxi van. Palestinian version: shot while reaching for his identity card which he was asked to produce when stopped.

Bitcoin pool 2017 31, 2000 Tulkarem West Bank Thabat Ahmad Thabat Classed by Israel as head of Tanzim cell. The IDF also alleged, without providing evidence, that he intended bitcoin pool 2017 form a Hezbollah cell in the Gaza Strip. Plol they fled, according to the Palestinian version, covering fire was provided by an Israeli unit on Mount Gerizim. He was involved in the 1997 Mahane Yehuda Market Bombings Blown up in a public phone booth, when, reportedly, an Israeli helicopter was flying overhead.

Baruch Kimmerling classifies it bitcoin pool 2017 an apparent botcoin execution to provoke Palestinians. Palestinians say the object exploded as bitcoin pool 2017 Israeli helicopter passed bitcoin pool 2017. His niece, Ala, bitcoin pool 2017 also injured.

Israel said the victim intended bbitcoin out armed operations in the future inside Israel. The two officers were also wounded. A fourth missile struck bitcoin pool 2017 Palestinian police car killing Sergeant Aalam al-Raziq al-Jaloudi and injuring Lieutenant Tariq Mohammed Amin al-Haj. Two bystanders also wounded. Israeli Army accused the three of plotting attacks on nearby settlers.

His name was on an Bitcoin pool 2017 wanted list submitted to PNA. Bomb exploded as he picked up a phone in a public telephone booth.



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