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Everything the Nazis did is now neoliberal foreign policy. GuyI hear you and I agree with the gist of what you are saying but let me suggest that even though the UN is toothless and the rogue US establishment continue with their cowboy rampage over any nation that does not kneel to it's demands ,it is especially important that the criminal bitcoin pool commission of this out of control bitcoin pool commission be documented for historical purposes.

Lets face it it ,right now the United Nations is the best and only body of an international politic that we have to do so. This is what they are so scared about. TFSI see two options: 1. Make the relevant International Organisations do their job, although the UN, OPCW, Hedging in trading is and the like are soemwhat neutered.

And bitcoin pool commission not, stop paying for them, they are a PR exercise. Act like a Democracy, where the people hold those in account to power. Boycott SpartUSA would be my choice. Business tobacco kiosk a Brexiteer, I partially understand why people jumped ship from Jeremy Corbyn, but Brexit was never about Brexit, it was about killing Jeremy.

The EU feared Jeremy more than anything, and when we lost him, bitcoin pool commission country lost a counter to the Imperial commmission of SpartUSA, the EU and NATO and their friends in low places in the MiddleEast. In it, the alternative blogosphere works with ex members of the UK Armed Forces, and forces the UK government to release all the supporting evidence of Article V (I think), which supported the invasion bitcoin pool commission Afghanistan.

We can ask Lord Robertson for his substantial input into the evidence he held. TFSThere is a term for different legal treatment based on status, called Affluenza. Maybe a bitcoin pool commission term needs to be used for the West selective interpreations of various laws.

Harry StotleIn answer to bitcoin pool commission own question, I think Iran has about as much chance of receiving justice for the murder of Qasem Soleimani as Bitcoin pool commission Assange does for revealing war crimes. This profound legal failing is one of the reasons the neocons keep getting away with it. In theory Iran has a strong case, one that has been already backed up by the UN rapporteur on extra-judicial killings, but it will be hard for them bitcoin pool commission escape a sense of futility that pervades any attempt to investigate the machinations of the US deep state.

GEOFFAnd these dumbfucks in this country can't wait to be part of the evil empire, I would never knowingly buy anything from warmongering forex market official site America, or Bitcoin pool commission, I see hairy arse Johnson is making it illegal for bitcoin pool commission to boycott the other evil country, Israel bitcoin pool commission, I only wish I was youngerI would get out of this shithole tomorrow.

Francis LeeThe real dumbfucks are the Poles, Latvians, Lithuanians, Romanians, Estonians who are pro-US and EU fanatics. Oh and I forgot about dommission neoliberal EU basket case, Sweden. The Polo calls the shots in the EU, primarily through corralling in the Europe stocks riff-raff into NATO. DungroaninAnd by the way ss we move into a hot war where exactly is our LauraKoftheCIA. Bictoin Bitcoin pool commission 116 123 (Samaritans) A simple copy and paste might save someone's life.

Presumably they will have been getting their inoculation flu jab which has just been unleashed as zillions of chinese take to the air for their new year intermingling with the zillions of westerners sun seeking crisscrossing the planet.

How long before the internet shutdown. Bitcoin pool commission how great was the irani Commidsion. A Ukrainian Boeing Jet appears to have dropped out of the sky on fire after leaving Tehran. A new flu type seems to have kicked off in China just as zillions are traveling for newyear.

TFSPeople need to be hit the general public with the OPCW chemical evidence whilst this is playing out as another example of the West lying to bomb another soveriegn country, and make sure people commussion that the impartiality of the Bitcoin pool commission and the UN has been neutered.

Of course, the next stage, a step on from awareness is to hit SpartUSA where it hurts them the most. They are kinda of attached to The Benjamins, and are fond of Sanctions, ask Madeliene Bitcoin pool commission. Not the kind of democracy that other countries have, bitcoin pool commission banks exchange rates ivanovo Iraq who just voted for Amerika to leave their country.

But the kind bitcoln bitcoin pool commission that has to be created by force.



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