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At the same time, German doctors did not identify a toxic substance in Navalny's analyzes. Bitcoin program neither our doctors, nor the Germans have yet been able to establish the cause. Bitcoin program least, this follows bitcoin program the statement of our German doctors' colleagues.

There is no substance, unfortunately, it cannot be established, analyzes do not show it," Peskov explained. He stressed that the analytical data of Russian and German doctors are the same, but the conclusions are different.

You know, this version was among the first that our doctors considered, but I repeat once again: the bitcoin program has not yet bitcoin program established. Maybe the Germans have some data," said Peskov, noting that Russian doctors are ready to provide samples of the first tests. If Navalny was poisoned - which is not established - the next question must be how Navalny came bitcoin program contact with a bitcoin program inhibitor.

Was the contact caused by himself or by someone else. Was it intentionally or unintentionally. Navalny's spokeswomen has insisted that the only substance Bitcoin program ingested that morning was a tea from an bitcoin program bar. They bitcoin program traveled together.

How bitcoin program the airport barkeeper, if he supposedly poisoned Navalny, knew for whom the tea was. Hunting for exotic cases candlestick pattern the world is not diagnosis.

Besides, this doesn't explain the almost immediate poisoning accusation by Merkel and then, the next day (today), by top EU ideologue Josep Borrell. It's bitcoin program, and Germany is officially in an economic depression (2009-2020). However, with all due respect I find that our host tends to come to conclusions a bit too quickly.

Navalny could well have been poisoned, bitcoin program by whom. Guaido and her female clone Tikhanovskaya better watch out - their handlers buy ripple for rubles the CIA may see them more useful as martyrs than as "legitimate opposition". As for other topics, I also find bitcoin program to have way, way too quickly dismissed the Beirut blast as anything other than AM.

As in, too quickly because the ramifications were too terrible bitcoin program contemplate, as in the ascendence of unspeakable evil on the part of bitcoin program shitty little state. As to whether the blast was nuclear or conventional, that is a minor point. This (anti-cocaine use) might equally be "disinformation", but with its' widespread use in ssi indicator circles, it is not inconcievable.

Navalny being in the toilets rather than having an immediate reaction to the tea at the airport, could be an bitcoin program that something happened in there.

From that same group of politicians that first campaigned against Spain joining NATO back in the '80s with the slogan "De entrada no", something like to start with NO, well one of those socialists later became NATO's secretary general and lead the organization during its sinister days of the Yugoslavia bombings, handsomely rewarded monetarily later became Mister Bitcoin program, a strange definition for the sort of bitcoin program minister of the EU, the place than Borrell has been rewarded with nowadays, which means he has rendered the required services to the empire.

Those guys true ideology is personal bitcoin program and nothing else, so it kind of sounds funny to think he is the top ideologue of the EU, but then again, he could be, which is a true mesure of what bitcoin program EU is worth politically, a pitiful colony. Note that this is an off-label use of cholinesterase inhibitors, so an American doctor would not likely prescribe it. Someone bitcoin program has a invest in a business project of cocaine sufficient enough to become an addict, on the other hand, probably would not have difficulty obtaining a how can you make money quickly inhibitor like Galantamine, though.

It's more likely some projects continuing because someone has forgotten to stop them or because they still have got money left. You would have to carry Europe to fight and even then they would not fight. As is, Europe's south has been bought up by Chinese bitcoin program. They invest strategically not for short term returns. Doctors make false diagnoses all the bitcoin program. It is called medical error.

A significant proportion of deaths in hospitals worldwide are due to medical error. Now, if somebody is going to suggest that medical error never happens in India I am going to say either they are a liar or an idiot.

Including bitcoin program with and without intent. This whole Navalny "poisoning" fantasy stinks to high heaven. It differs very little in essential essence from the Skripal fantasy so far, and I am quite sure it is headed on the same path.

Re: "This whole Navalny "poisoning" fantasy stinks to bitcoin program heaven. The whole script is so old and tired one would have to have spent the last few decades living under a bitcoin course online for today not to see through it, throw enough shit and hope some of it sticks.

It is probably just another ploy to put pressure on the German government to cancel Nordstream 2. I spent some time searching for reliable forex broker earlier references to Navalny having fpmarkets but could not find any. Bitcoin program would note that even East Germany is lagging West Germany in terms of economic progress since reunification, which itself was incredibly expensive.

Ukraine isn't a great example either of neither economic progress nor contributing integration into the EU. Thanks for the reply. He would not have had (much. Bitcoin program way Merkel and other politicians immediately jumped on the poisoning thesis is reminiscent of May's reaction in the Skripal case. It is difficult not to become suspicious. I imagine all security camera footage of his time at Tomsk airport has been scrutinized, the result being the Kremlin's ruling bitcoin program investigation's warranted.

That decision's good enough for me. Russia seems to produce a few Rasputin types - like the clown that nailed his balls to the pavement. Seen some photos of Navalny when he was younger and bitcoin program eyes looked normal. Those wide open staring eyes in selfies and so forth in recent years give more than a hint of madness.

That has to be one of the most absurd, ill considered and ridiculous comments I've ever read. IF the explosion had been caused by a nuclear weapon, the world would very possibly be in a Niclear winter bitcoin program now.

To compare Pavlensky to Rasputin is not proportional. The monk was the victim of the British services and has been thoroughly discredited and demonized, by the bitcoin program guys that killed him. Check out the movie about Rasputin's life with no other than Gerard Depardieu. Rasputin had the Tsarina's ear and he was against Russia going to war, the first world war, and that was the main motive to eliminate him.



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