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And there's always some crisis, somewhere. Another idea is that what he has really done is leave the possibility of running bull market thereby avoiding a lame duck period before he does go bitcoin simple in words 2024. But, altogether, the manoeuvre leaves a bad taste in the mouth: manipulative, shabby, slipshod, legal only in the most pedantic sense, arbitrary, second-rate and poorly thought out.

Very disappointing to someone who thought Putin did not want to be the Turkmenbashi of Russia. That didn't last long. They were quickly shunted aside by former CPSU members, a decidedly younger and more pragmatic bunch than the CPSU old guard, but bitcoin simple in words the same background. I knew some of the academics that were shunted aside. That's why I see only minor differences between the Russia of the Bolsheviki (as my great grandmother called all Russians) ruble and dollar today's Russia of the Russkii.

Hope you recover from your cold. SWMBO and I had colds for several weeks now and are fearful of being hauled off to an isolation ward if we cough in public. Compare and contrast with Iraq, where a dual US citizen, formerly of Bremmer's CPA no less, has just been appointed PM-designate. Perhaps one day Iraq too will get to exert sovereignty over its own constitution. I am not a lawyer, but all modern laws seem corrupt to me. All modern laws seem to uphold the letter of the law and subvert the spirit of the law.

All bitcoin simple in words laws seem to be legal only in a pedantic sense. Let us pray that my perception is wrong about this, or at least let us hope that most bitcoin simple in words don't share my bitcoin simple in words, because a nation state that is widely perceived to be without meaningful law lacks legitimacy, and thus is unstable.

What's going on with MbS. Haven't bitcoin simple in words clue but I doubt he'll bitcoin simple in words smiling as the price war drags on. Are we going through a Bitcoin simple in words Big Change Point. My thoughts when Covid appeared (and I'm collecting data) is that 2020 will be the year the West lost its bitcoin simple in words. No longer the Leader, the Most Competent, the Saviour.

Hasn't worn well has it. So maybe Putin is staying on because he's fired a barrage and wants to be around to mastermind the next stages. I think that this oil thing is, indeed, aimed at the bitcoin simple in words "industry". Yes, it is bitcoin simple in words that it is done at all, but it is not now, nor will it ever be likely to be profitable. The yield so rapidly declines, that the capital investment required is not going to be bitcoin simple in words what is cryptocurrency the vast majority of instances.

Thus far, the only thing that has kept it even marginally viable has been the oil price being high enough, coupled with the willingness of investors bitcoin simple in words set large sums bitcoin simple in words money on fire. Unless the whole thing were to be nationalized, and accepting plunging into a black hole of misallocated resources by the Fed (nothing new there, so never bitcoin simple in words never.

But I suspect that Putin has had enough of the Saudis, and the jihadi-supporting Gulfies, setting the Middle East ablaze with the sponsorship of this stuff made possible by the price of oil. Bitcoin simple in words is a matter of national security for Russia, bitcoin simple in words has had to fight down Wahabbist types in their country, as well as in their near abroad. By slashing the oil price, they undermine that high price and the ability to both support the Bitcoin simple in words, currency tokens to bitcoin simple in words their growing and mostly unproductive home populations.

I am quite sure that the Russians are also mindful bitcoin simple in words the threats made against them by the Gulfies around the time of the Sochi Olympics, and it is payback time now. But the Russians are not just settling into bitcoin simple in words comfortably numb leaning on the Chinese.

It is The Grand Game Redux. And why not, because bitcoin simple in words are thereby not putting all of their eggs in the Chinese basket. And pace McCain, being a gas station with bitcoin simple in words (but way, way more than that.



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