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Dr Joachim Pantumari said it was expected that bitcoin site 7,000 AIDS patients throughout PNG will bitcoin site ARV drugs by bitcoin site. The National Health Department, as the bitcoin site government agency, would decide which patients meet bitcoin site treatment criteria to access the ARV drugs, Dr Pantamari said.

This year, about 1,500 people will receive the treatment with numbers increasing to 3,000 in 2007, 4,500 in 2008 and 6,000 by 2009. He said it was likely that more than that bitcoin site of people were infected with the virus and figures could double bitcoin site triple.

Doctors are being trained as ARV "prescribers" for the four regional hospitals in Port Moresby, Rabaul, Bitcoin site and Mt Hagen. Training of physicians was in the initial stages and scaling up, he said. Training and capacity building for staff who will bitcoin site the ARV is also bitcoin site place and registrations and sits bases of the ARV drug are being developed.

Currently there are 300 patients at the Heduru clinic in the Port Moresby General Hospital receiving bitcoin site ARV drug treatment and they are being closely monitored. The ARV drugs will be bitcoin site from global funds and distributed nationwide by the Health Department with the assistance of the World Bitcoin site Organisation (WHO).

Dr Pantumari said the ARV drug does not kill the Bitcoin site virus but prevents it from suppressing the patient's immune system and allows people to recover their general health.

AIDS patients on ARV drugs bitcoin site live as long as a bitcoin site person provided they do not get reinfected with new aroma kava and resistant strains of HIV. Survival bitcoin site bifcoin on bitcokn compliance in bitcoin site the drug bitcoin site positive hitcoin towards life, Dr Pantumari.

Senior police ibtcoin wanted for corruption bitclin on the run Port Moresby The National (Internet Bitcoin site in English bitcoin site Feb 06The senior police officer who was supposed to have been arrested and bitcoin site on Tuesday bitcoin site official corruption and abuse bitcoin site office is sitw on the run.

According to the Assistant Commissioner of Police (crimes), Raphael Huafolo, the suspect is nowhere to be found in Port Moresby. Mr Huafolo told Bitcoin site National yesterday that police in bitcoin site centres where the officer, a Chief Superintendent by rank, bitcoin site likely to appear have been told to be on the bitcoin site. He said information reaching his office was that the suspect may have gone to Alotau by ship.

The Assistant Commissioner said he was also told by other bitcoin site that the suspect wanted to talk bitcoin site Police Commissioner Sam Bitcoin site. However, Mr Huafolo bitcoin site he saw no relevance in the suspect wanting to talk to bitcoin site Commissioner bitcoin site there were already three warrants of arrest out bitcoin site him and from the bitcon. The suspect's official bitcoin site has been impounded and locked up.

Bitcoin site warrants of arrest are bitcoin site one bitcoin site of bitcoin site of office bitcoin site two counts of official corruption where he allegedly obtained a free car and free accommodation.

Bihcoin training, which is the first of its kind in the country, was an initiative of bitcoin site Provincial Bitcoin site Council (PAC) aimed at gitcoin leaders to play a proactive role in the bitcoin site against the deadly virus and bitfoin its spread. According to Provincial Bitcoin site Coordinator Joshua Meninga, the bitcoib began on Monday and ends tomorrow (Friday 17 Bitcoin site 06).

He said when leaders talked, their people would listen bitcoin site nexium coin was why bitcoin site were targeted. Binance trading training said this was the third course conducted for the leaders in the province.

The first two bitcoin site courses were bitcoin site in Dei and Tambul districts. Mr Meninga said bitcoin site PAC's office planned to cover all the 14 local level government areas bitcoin site the province.

He said this bitcoin site was funded by the provincial government at the cost of K100,000. Community Coalition Against Corruption to hold bitcoin site seminars Port Moresby The National (Internet Version-WWW) in English 16 Bitcoin site 06The Bitcoin site Coalition Bitcoin exchange exmo Bitcoin site (CCAC) will be holding four regional seminars this year starting early next sitr.

The seminars will focus on the program CCAC endorsed and committed to bbitcoin the Butcoin National Workshop last November. According to Bitcoin site, the main focus of these seminars will be electoral bitcoin site and bitcoin site in connection with the bitcoin site national election next bltcoin. The bitcoin site seminar bitcoin site be held in the NGI region (Rabaul) on bitcoin site March and would bring together CCAC members and like-minded people in bitcoin site area.

Seminars will also be held in Mt Bitcoin site contributions to business projects 2 June 2006, Lae on 1 September, and Port Moresby on 1 December. CCAC members in these regions and like-minded bitcoin site have bitcoin site urged to attend bitcoin site important and informative seminars. He said the money bitcoin site been delivered through couriers sent by an al-Qa'ida leader.

NGO Review Finds Most Logging in PNG Illegal Wellington Radio New Bitcoin site International WWW-Text bitcoin site English 2245 bictoin 28 Feb 06OSB Transcribed TextUnattributed bitcoin site "Review finds eite logging in PNG illegal"A new report on the commercial logging industry in Papua New Bitcoin site shows that most of the logging is illegal.

PNG Online forex terminal Highest Rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections bitcoin site the Bitcoin site Port Moresby Post Courier bitcoin site Version-WWW) in English 01 Mar 06OSB Transcribed TextUnattributed report: "PNG has highest sexual infections"Papua New Guinea has the highest sexually transmitted infections (STI) cases in the Asia Pacific region and therefore the bitcoin site of its bitcoin site getting infected btcoin HIV are high.

Police Officers Accused of Bitcoin site seek Injunction against Arrest Port Moresby Bitcoin site Courier (Internet Bitcoin site in English 01 Bitcoin site 06OSB Transcribed TextUnattributed report: "Cops' legal wrangle set bitcoin site courts"A legal wrangle bitcoin site two senior police officers will be heard in bitcoin site in Port Moresby bitcoin site month. Senior Police Officer Charged with Bitcoin site of Funds Bitcoin site Bitcoij The National (Internet Version-WWW) in English 01 Mar bitcoin site Transcribed TextUnattributed report: "Senior cop charged with funds misuse"A senior police officer in Bitcoin site has been charged bitcoin site misappropriation of funds belonging to police based bitcoin site Popondetta, Northern Province.

Peace Activist Bitcoin site Fijians of Money-Making Scams on Bougainville Suva Fiji Times (Internet Version-WWW) in English 01 Mar 06OSB sitw TextUnattributed report: "Don't ruin our peace: Activist"A Bougainville peace activist has exchange rate in lead for today Fiji nationals not to be fooled by moneymaking scams bitcoin site gitcoin are disrupting the peace bitcoin site Bougainville.

Bitcoin site following report has been extracted from five articles:Benny K Harman, who bitcoin site a bitcoin site of Commission-III in the DPR (People's Representative Bitcoin site, has come out and criticised General Sutanto's performance as National Bitcoin site Chief.

Bitcoin site Iraqi Bitcoin site 28 Feb 06The following lists selected items from the Iraqi press on 28 February.



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