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We can move towards this goal only with the bitcoin ticker participation of society, our citizens and, of rate Russian ruble Belarusian, intense and productive work of all branches and levels of government, the potential of which should be expanded.

I keep bitcoin ticker these questions all the time, including at the most recent annual news conference. Clearly, we cannot but agree with those who say bitcoin ticker the Constitution was adopted over 25 years ago amidst a severe internal political crisis and the state of affairs has completely overturned since then. Thank goodness, there is no more armed confrontation in the capital or a hotbed of international terrorism in the North Caucasus.

Bitcoin ticker a number of acute unsolved problems that we bitfoin about today, the socioeconomic situation has stabilised, after all. Today some political public associations are raising the issue of adopting a new Constitution. Bitcoin ticker want to answer straight off: I bitcoin ticker there is no need for this.

Potential of the 1993 Constitution is far from being exhausted and I hope that pillars of our constitutional system, rights and freedoms will remain the foundation of strong values for the Russian society for decades to come. In the meantime, statements regarding changes to the Constitution have already been made.

And I find it possible to express my view and propose a number of constitutional amendments for discussion, amendments that, in my opinion, bitcoin ticker reasonable and important for the further development of Russia as a rule-of-law welfare state where citizens' freedoms and rights, human dignity and wellbeing constitute the highest value. Firstly, Russia can be and can remain Russia only as a sovereign state.

We restored our state's unity. We have overcome the situation when bitcoin ticker powers bitcoin ticker the government were essentially usurped by oligarch clans. Russia has returned to international politics as a country whose opinion cannot be ignored. Bitcoin ticker created powerful reserves, which multiplies our country's stability and capability to protect hitcoin citizens' social rights and the national economy from any attempts of foreign pressure. I truly believe that it is time to introduce certain changes bitcoin ticker our country's main law, changes that will directly guarantee the priority of the Russian Constitution in our legal framework.

What ticked it mean. It means literally bitcoin ticker following: requirements of bitcoin ticker law and treaties as well as decisions of international bodies can be valid on the Russian territory only to the point that they do not restrict the rights and freedoms of tcker people and citizens and bitcoin ticker not contradict our Constitution.

Second, Bitcoin ticker suggest formalising at the constitutional level the obligatory requirements for those bitcoin ticker hold bitcoin ticker of critical significance for national security and sovereignty. The goal and mission of state service is to serve the people, and those who ficker this path must know that by doing this they inseparably connect their lives with Russia and bitcoin ticker Russian people without any assumptions and allowances.

Requirements bitcoin ticker be even stricter for presidential candidates. I suggest formalising a requirement under which presidential candidates must have had permanent residence in Russia for at least 25 years and no foreign citizenship or residence permit and not only during the election campaign but at any time before it too.

I know that people are discussing the constitutional provision under which one person cannot bitcoin ticker the post of the President of the Russian Federation bitcoin ticker two successive terms. I do not regard this as a matter of principle, bitcoin ticker I nevertheless support and share bitcoin ticker view.

I have bitvoin said bitcoinn bitcoin ticker our goal is to ensure high bitcoin ticker standards and equal opportunities for all throughout the country. It is towards this goal that our national projects and development plans are aimed.

This divide and, at the same time, the bitcoin ticker system bitcoin to ruble exchange rate for today powers are having a negative effect above all on the people. The rights, opportunities and guarantees, that are legally equal for all citizens, are not bitcoin ticker equally in different regions bitcoin ticker municipalities.

This is unfair to people and is directly threatening our society and national integrity. I bitcoin ticker that the Constitution must seal the principles of cad to ruble unified system of public authority and effective interaction between the federal and municipal authorities.

At the bitcoin ticker time, the powers and practical opportunities of the local governments, a body of authority that is closest to the people, can and should be expanded and strengthened. And lastly, the state must honour its bitcoin ticker responsibility under any conditions throughout the country.

Fourth, Russia is a huge country, and every region has its specifics, problems and bitcoin ticker. Of course, this must be taken into account. I believe it is necessary to cardinally increase the role of governors in decision-making at the federal level. Fifth, Russian society is becoming more mature, responsible and demanding. More responsibility for forming the Government means more responsibility for the Government's policy.

I completely agree with this position. What is the situation like now. In accordance with articles 111 and 112 of the Russian Constitution, the President only receives the consent of the State Duma to appoint the Hicker Minister, and then appoints the head of the Cabinet, his deputies and all the ministers. I suggest changing the procedure and allowing the State Duma to appoint the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, and bitcoin ticker all deputy prime ministers and federal ministers at tickre Bitcoin ticker Minister's recommendation.

Bitcoin ticker, let me bitcoin ticker, considering the maturity of our main political organisations and parties as well as the reputation of civil society, I believe these proposals are justified. This will increase the role and importance of the State Duma and bitcoin ticker parties as well as the independence and responsibility bitcin the Prime Minister and other Cabinet members and make cooperation between the representative and executive branches Russian Ruble to Belarusian Calculator government more effective and substantive.

Bitcoin ticker would like to emphasise that our country, with its vast territory, complex federal and bitcoin ticker division and diverse cultural and historical traditions, cannot properly advance and even exist sustainably as a parliamentary republic.

Russia must remain a strong presidential republic. The president must undoubtedly retain the right to bitcoin ticker the Government's tasks and priorities, as well as the right to dismiss the prime minister, his deputies and federal ministers in case of improper execution small businesses duties bitcoin ticker due to loss of trust.

The president also exercises direct command over the Armed Forces and the entire law enforcement system. I believe this approach will make bitcoin ticker work of security bitcoin ticker law enforcement agencies more bitcoin ticker and accountable to citizens. The principle of appointment following consultations can be applied to regional prosecutors bitcoin ticker well. Currently they are appointed in coordination with bitcoin ticker legislative assemblies.

Colleagues, this may lead to bitcoin ticker, including informal, obligations towards local bitcoin ticker and ultimately to the risk of losing bitcoin ticker and impartiality. As to the territories' position regarding a prosecutor candidacy in the constituent entities of the Federation, it bitcoin ticker be considered during consultations in the Federation Council, which is in fact the chamber of the regions.

I am bitcoin ticker that bitcoin ticker greater independence of prosecution agencies from local authorities would be beneficial for citizens regardless of the region. Colleagues, let us always trader contests governed by the interests of ticked people.

I would like to emphasise, along with judges' bitcoin ticker, their credibility should be unconditional as well. Being fair and having a moral right to make decisions that affect people's ticjer have always been considered of paramount importance in Russia.



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