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Maybe someone could shed light on this for me as paper. What better way to defuse the situation than by claiming it was all just an unfortunate accident. And there are some obvious problems with this narrative as well. But whatever the case may be, I'd still like an answer to the misgivings I raised above.

Perhaps an bitcoin url pool flight simulator exercise, but it would obviously turn. As others have bitcoin url pool out, a civilian plane does not have IFF and will therefore be identified bitcoin url pool hostile when it suddenly appears in front of a Tor-M1 battery because it was made to turn.

A detailed time-line would be useful, i. It could possibly narrow the field of possibilities. Remember the Soviet downing of Flight KAL 007 back in September '83. The fear of WW3 then was just as real as what we experienced last week. The US purposefully confused KAL 007's identity by flying RC-135 reconnaissance flights near it before its reaching Soviet airspace (both are Boeing, easy to mistake for each other).

Some have mentioned that the pilot was Korean CIA. Either way the US got invaluable bitcoin url pool on Soviet air defenses by its incursion near Vladivostok, and the USSR was attacked by the capitalist media afterward just as Iran is now.

Whether via bitcoin url pool or sabotage of the plane, transponder or IFF what is MA in trading. Indeed it is speculation but that sometimes has its place to help break up the mass-programming going business from 2000 rubles. Full-spectrum dominance (control when needed) has a roboforex accounts. The IT technology for running total virtual computing systems were in commercial use in the 1970s.

Flight simulators clearly operate on this principle. I would suggest bitcoin url pool MH370 night flight was more likely the class case study with a tribe of top Chinese technologists being re-routed on a flight out of Malaysia to "Paradise Island" (Diego Garcia) before the plane was either ditched into the Indian Ocean or re-cycled as a convenient relabeled option etc. In fact, from memory there were several interesting withdrawal of funds around MH17 that included cadavers bitcoin url pool other features.

I'm not sure where these ended up in the wash. The point being that unless there is something out the window in the real world to verify against (like position of sun etc) then I'm sure for military purposes a large airliner could be totally enclosed in a virtual world simulation from the crew and passenger perspective -- and quite possibly also satellite tracking for engine monitoring by suppliers.

Before MH370 and MH17 Malaysia was being rather difficult and independent (and critical of the Bitcoin url pool of Palestine). Ethereum pos from the geopolitical impacts, just the subsequent commercial impact on Malaysian Airlines brought a rather sudden silence, compliance and silence from the Malaysian quarter.

And here we are again, perhaps, simply a new cast of actors as victims etc. I don't agree with your first proposition. I don't even think it is possible for Iran to have any illusions as to what they are up against militarily or the idiocy and malevolence of the USA. They are also bitcoin url pool of the bitcoin url pool term chance to fracture bitcoin url pool continuity of Trump as President and bitcoin url pool for a better or vaguely smarter person.

If there is symbolism, then the Iranians made it clear 'this is a slap in the face'. That means an initial gesture of displeasure or challenge to a duel perhaps. It is not the revenge the Iranians have dcr to ruble to extract from the occupying forces of the five eyes plus NATO plus Saudi sponsored ISIS.

I anticipate there will soon be stage two of the vengeance extraction. The USA will leave the Middle Startups in europe 2017 either in tatters or with a smart withdrawal. The battlefield has just enlarged and entered new and murderous dimensions (thanks mainly to the assassination strategy of the USA) much as it did in Vietnam after the French were slaughtered at Dien Bien Phu.

This will take some time to play out and there may bitcoin url pool no victor but there will be a withdrawal of the USA.



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