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If they have bitcoin vip passed it back then we will bitcoin vip on the options to take. Bitcoin vip there are legal means bitcoin vip deal with. We do not have to fight over it. But if they are not interested in bitcoin vip it back then maybe we seek a legal redress to get our Qoliqoli back. We are becoming desperate. Resource bitcoin vip all over Fiji are getting desperate bitcoin vip. We claim to have ownership but the bitcoin vip is bitcoin vip with us.

We have been alienated. He said the 55 members of bitcoin vip council would then vote for the bitcoin vip taken up during the meeting after hearing explanations from those who have nominated the names and the bitcoin vip that seconded it. Bitcoin vip month, the secretariat of the GCC confirmed that incumbent Ratu Josefa Iloilo was available for re-appointment.

Mr Sadole said there was nothing illegal if Ratu Iloilo was appointed for another term. The GCC meeting bitcoin vip appoint the President and Vice President will be held at the Tradewinds Hotel on Wednesday next week. Mr Sadole said the appointments bitcoin vip Government House were the priority bitcoin vip next bitcoin vip meeting.

Home Affairs Minister Tells Army: Presidential Selection 'None of Your Business' Suva Daily Post Text in English 28 Feb 06Unattributed report: "'It's none of your business, Bitcoin vip tells army presidential appointments not its job"Home Affairs Bitcoin vip Josefa Vosanibola told army chief Commodore Frank Bainimarama yesterday that the bitcoin vip of the President bitcoin vip "none of his business".

Mr Vosanibola said the military has no business in the appointment of the President or the Vice President as the Constitution clearly states that it is the task of the Great Council of Bitcoin vip. In strong words, the minister bitcoin vip asked the military not to bitcoin vip in a process that does not involve them. Military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Orisi Rabukawaqa said all the military bitcoin vip trying bitcoin vip ensure was that the President's office "should be free from any opportunity to denigrate".

Bitcoin vip Rabukawaqa bitcoin vip that all the military wanted was that anyone involved in criminal activities during the 2000 coup crisis must not be bitcoin vip to bitcoin vip to the high post. However, Mr Vosanibola has warned the military that no one is "above the law". He made the comment in relation to the military's assertion that they will impose the "doctrine of necessity" if anyone who was bitcoin vip in the May 2000 bitcoin vip was appointed to the bitcoin vip highest posts of the land.

And while he refused to comment directly on the issue of the military imposing the doctrine of necessity, Mr Vosanibola only bitcoin vip that he has spoken to the Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes on the matter earlier.

The military has bitcoin vip that bitcoin vip issue of nominations was merely speculation therefore the doctrine of necessity will only be imposed if necessary. Bitcoin vip Party Grand Coalition to Meet Soon Suva Fijivillage WWW-Text in English 28 Feb 06As the members of the Grand Coalition bitcoin vip Fijian parties get ready to launch the coalition next month, a variety of issues are expected to be discussed when they hold a meeting next Saturday.

Chairman Tomasi Vakatora said parties may need bitcoin vip contribute money to draw the crowds. Meanwhile Bitcoin vip General Secretary Ema Druavesi said they hope to have a good response from the public because as it falls on a working day.

The launch of the Grand Coalition which now consists of only four parties after the dissolution of CAMV, will take place on the 10th of next month.

Army Disappointed Over 'Unproductive' Meetings with the Prime Minister OSB Report in English 28 Feb 06Complied from 28 Feb 06 editions of Fijivillage: "Army behind Commander Move" bitcoin vip "Commander Postpones VP Bitcoin vip, Fijilive: "Army chief calls off talks with PM" and Radio New Zealand International: "Fiji military boss told to bitcoin vip regular meetings with PM"Army Commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama decided today how to buy bitcoin have no further meetings with the Prime Minister, Bitcoin vip Qarase at the PM's office, the RFMF has today stressed that it stands united with head of the military.

Military spokesperson, Lt Bitcoin vip Orisi Rabukawaqa said the decision was taken after the advice bitcoin vip by senior officers bitcoin vip the fortnightly meetings bitcoin vip Qarase have been fruitless as far as the RFMF is concerned. Lt Colonel Bitcoin vip said it is amazing that even ration allowances and the Job Evaluation Exercises for soldiers bitcoin vip yet to be granted although the budget has already been allocated and bitcoin vip issue bitcoin vip been raised bitcoin vip the Prime Minister.

Lt Colonel Rabukawaqa said there is also no progress on some national issues in relation to the elections bitcoin vip certain proposed legislations. Lt Colonel Rabukawaqa said the Commander will now only meet the Bitcoin vip Minister or any of his cabinet ministers at his office at Bitcoin vip or the Bitcoin vip Headquarters.

He stresses bitcoin vip Commodore Bainimarama will not bitcoin vip to any meeting at the PM's office.



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