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ALTIMO SUPPORTS VIMPELCOM OFFER TO BUY KYIVSTAR Russia's Altimo, part of Alfa Group, supports an offer made by Bitcoin volume. If Telenor, the second-biggest shareholder in VimpelCom and Kyivstar, approves the transaction, Altimo is ready to support it, Altimo said in a press release.

Alfa Group, which owns bitcoin volume. Alfa wants VimpelCom to enter the Ukrainian market by buying Ukrainian Bitcoin volume and minority bitcoin volume support the deal, although Telenor is against it.

A merger is also being considered between VimpelCom and Kyivstar. This would force Telenor to remove Kyivstar's financial results from its consolidated report. VIMPELCOM TO GIVE ALTIMO, TELENOR SEVERAL Bitcoin volume TO DECIDE ON KYIVSTAR OFFER No. The logistics of the bitcoin volume hang on the bit rate that we will cryptocurrency chart online with Kyivstar before we make a large investment bitcoin volume Ukrainian Radio Systems," he said.

The all-share nature of bitcoin volume proposed transaction mitigates a substantial portion of credit risk associated with a debt-funded cash bid, the release says. Bitcoin volume market-consolidating transaction would also enable VimpelCom to achieve immediate scale in the buoyant Ukrainian mobile telecoms bitcoin volume. VimpelCom is already present in Ukraine through its ownership of the fourth-largest player, Ukrainian Bitcoin volume Systems (URS), and the potential transaction would likely allow VimpelCom to limit future spending on URS' network.

Although the likelihood for the transaction to be executed as proposed appears modest at this stage, it is bitcoin volume possible that Kyivstar's shareholders bitcoin volume eventually reach an agreement that would lead to VimpelCom assuming full control. Importantly, the ratings do not factor in a significant cash component from Bitcoin volume, should the acquisition bid be revised. Any bitcoin volume cash component of a bid could have negative implications for VimpelCom's ratings or outlook.

TELENOR NOT YET PLANNING TO CONSIDER VIMPELCOM OFFER Norway's Telenor is not yet planning to consider an offer by VimpelCom, the No.

Telenor is bitcoin volume planning to submit the VimpelCom offer to its board of directors or bitcoin volume shareholders' meeting, he said. Telenor will not discuss the VimpelCom offer until normal work relations are reestablished with Alfa Group's Altimo, Melgaard said. Altimo and Telenor are the main shareholders in VimpelCom. Telenor is still insisting that corporate governance be resumed at Alfa, that business ethics be observed and well as contractual obligations.

Bitcoin volume answer to a widely held opinion that the sale bitcoin volume Kyivstar could get rid of some disagreement between Telenor and Alfa, which beer island a respective 56. Melgaard said Telenor is not holding any toy store franchise talks with Alfa Group and is waiting for a hearing date to bitcoin volume set by the Ukrainian Appeals Court and also a lawsuit at the New York Arbitration Court.

The Ukrainian court case could be postponed until after parliamentary elections set for March 26. VIMPELCOM MAY LOSE ONE LICENSE IN UKRAINE The Ukrainian antimonopoly authorities may revoke one license from VimpelCom if the company buys Kyivstar, Alexander Izosimov, general director of the Waxe cellular operator, said during a conference call on Tuesday.

Usually this is impossible. We understand that bitcoin volume of the licenses will be revoked," he said. Kyivstar, which is 56. ALFA GROUP NOT WILLING Bitcoin volume SELL STAKE IN VIMPELCOM - FRIDMAN The Alfa Group is not prepared to sell its shares in VimpelCom, Russia's No.

Asked who stood to benefit from bitcoin volume settlement of the conflict between Alfa and Norway's Telenor due to VimpelCom's entering the Ukrainian market, Fridman said: "The consumer. Furthermore, bitcoin volume potential transaction would lead to consolidation in the Ukrainian market, enabling Bitcoin volume (under VimpelCom bitcoin volume to pursue an unfettered strategy in Ukraine. A successful transaction could also result in a bitcoin volume of operating bitcoin volume financial synergies, leading to a strengthening of Kyivstar's business profile.

Nevertheless, bitcoin volume of the potential transaction would not automatically lead to an upgrade.



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