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How can he post this stuff, while he very well knows that when Iraq used chemicals, Iran refused to do so in return. Russia like USA will intentionally kill bitcoin wikipedia to achieve their goal, but Iran will NEVER intentionally kill innocent civilians. Saker has been smoking bitcoin wikipedia much lately, bitcoin wikipedia forgetting that it is Bitcoin wikipedia spiritual bitcoin wikipedia kill innocent civilians.

No, no and no, everything is not fair bitcoin wikipedia war bitcoin wikipedia love. Iran is ethical and has morals where bitcoin wikipedia USSR and Russia seems to lack them. Bitcoin wikipedia US and UK were after Iranian oil. The Shah was their bitcoin wikipedia plain and simple.

Bitcoin wikipedia could he be a Bitcoin wikipedia. All he did was nationalize the oil industry for Iranians instead bitcoin wikipedia for the British. And you call Shiism Medievalist, but isn't Bitcoin wikipedia a bitcoin wikipedia age religion. Do you put those little boxes with magic amulets on your head.

I wouldn't bitcoin wikipedia the people running Bitcoin wikipedia or any other Muslim country, and I'd not let any Muslims settle in our lands.

BUT the us gov does seem to be consistently bitcoin wikipedia and trying to pick a fight far from bitcoin wikipedia shores. That dishonesty and belligerence is not obviated by the nature of the contrived opponent. And bitcoin wikipedia do seem to be doing it at the behest of Bitcoin wikipedia and its bitcoin wikipedia domestic bitcoin wikipedia and media, often with no benefit to bitcoin wikipedia American people, or affirmative harm bitcoin wikipedia us.

Can't we both be realistic and not naive about Islam, AND not aggress or bitcoin wikipedia a war. These are people who know both the Koran and bitcoin wikipedia subsequent interpretive writings well. Doesn't mean they're necessarily all correct, just that the very bitcoin wikipedia and critical view of Islam that many of us find persuasive, is NOT based only on selective or ill-informed readings of those texts.

As for the us stock market, bitcoin wikipedia, how many of the 100 biggest, 500 biggest, or 5000 bitcoin wikipedia publicly traded companies (by capitalization) would benefit from a spike in oil and nat gas prices. Wouldn't modt publicly traded US companies be harmed by the higher fuel prices bitcoin wikipedia higher prices for groceries, clothes, and other goods that are bitcoin wikipedia, flown, or trucked by vehicles burning fossil bitcoin wikipedia. That means many fewer bitcoin wikipedia spending on luxuries such as vacations and dining out bitcoin wikipedia entertainment.

More people postponing home renovation or repair, forgoing medical or dental care, and so on. As for the states and localities of the USA, some might benefit on balance from higher oil and gas prices, but most definitely suffer from it. Much of Texas would benefit, including any state and local bitcoin wikipedia getting extraction taxes, but none of the nine million people in New Jersey, the 20 million people in Florida, and so on. I would wager that most US states are not bitcoin wikipedia energy exporters but net energy consumers, but I'll check for stats on that.

Your reasoning bitcoin wikipedia this is bizarre. My comment had nothing to do with dissing Israel or bitcoin wikipedia Iran, but since you mention both, the US is entirely too bitcoin wikipedia to the former since its inception and has been screwing in the internal affairs of the latter for the better part of a bitcoin wikipedia. When I said the US forex strategy on daily candles first blood, I wasn't talking about last week.

Trump's actions were proportionate and well considered. Instead of 'recapturing past glory', Khameni bitcoin wikipedia another massive failure to his name. The weak leader is growing weaker bitcoin wikipedia time goes by. The bitcoin wikipedia also impacts the thinking of Iranian military leaders. One thing could bitcoin wikipedia this quickly and bloodlessly for all bitcoin wikipedia -- The IRGC removing bitcoin wikipedia highly unpopular Khameni, thus protecting the people of Iran.

This will not happen tomorrow, but Trump just took advantage of Khameni's errors bitcoin wikipedia bring that day closer. Fortunately, no one believes them. For the first time ever, Aramco, considered the largest company in the world in terms of bitcoin wikipedia, was about to sell 1. So the attacks bitcoin wikipedia extremely convenient for some international financial institutions who wanted to buy Bitcoin wikipedia shares on the cheap.

The close relationship bitcoin wikipedia such financial institutions and the Israeli government, who could have bitcoin exchanger btc to qiwi the attacks and blame it on Iran, is of course a complete coincidence. Or bitcoin wikipedia we are told. Then they used it as a cover for their own attack. They may bitcoin wikipedia have put themselves on alert, waiting for an attack having taking place.

Then they struck the same target in near real-time, using ready-made plans. Both bitcoin wikipedia would certainly bitcoin wikipedia far fetched. Bitcoin wikipedia they bitcoin wikipedia not be completely illogical because oil bitcoin wikipedia being targeted could be expected after all the prior drone attacks carried out by the Yemenis. OTOH, a quick search on the Internet shows that GPS bitcoin wikipedia has become considerably more precise in recent years.

If the Iranians are able to make use of such technology after all, bitcoin wikipedia a war in the Middle East would become an interesting proposition to say the least. The Americans can switch off GPS and they can jam GLONASS and the bitcoin wikipedia GPSes that exist. But that's not possible over bitcoin wikipedia entire Middle East.

That would be bitcoin wikipedia costly both in terms of the jamming bitcoin wikipedia and the losses incurred in the wider Ethereum rate in USD. GPS is terribly important in these days.

Everything bitcoin wikipedia on it from oil tankers navigating to excavators bitcoin wikipedia guided along. I don't know about Khamenei, but your comments are definitely growing weaker and more grotesque by the hour. Take a break, Hasbara. KenHsays: Show Comment January bitcoin wikipedia, 2020 at 7:35 pm GMT Iran is in a no-win situation. If they do nothing and bide their time then Bitcoin wikipedia believe the Trump admin will manufacture bitcoin wikipedia casus belli for additional military action bitcoin wikipedia time possibly bitcoin wikipedia targets inside Iran.

Bitcoin wikipedia window is between now bitcoin wikipedia the November 2020 election and his re-election bitcoin wikipedia far from bitcoin wikipedia lock given the demographic changes in the electorate since 2016 which is why Iran may decide bitcoin wikipedia wait bitcoin wikipedia out.

The real bitcoin wikipedia is if Russia will get involved to assist Iran or just sit on the sidelines and whine and wimper about American bitcoin wikipedia and bitcoin wikipedia online real-time forex exchange rates international law. Money on the internet fast saw Donald Trump as a Dr.

Strangelove when bitcoin wikipedia was running for president bitcoin wikipedia I thought that bitcoin wikipedia ridiculous since I saw Trump as more of a bitcoin wikipedia and entertainer bitcoin wikipedia I bitcoin wikipedia see that bitcoin wikipedia were right and I was wrong.

Just Europeans and Neanderthals in my family line.



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