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He was a prominent economist and president of bitcoins course history Consumer's Defense Association and the Iraqi Association of Economists. A commentator at for As-Sharquia television, he participated in the Maram Committee, being responsible for investigating irregularities occurring during the elections held in January bitcoins course history. Al-Mguter was part of a family with a long anti-colonialist tradition since the British occupation.

Ridha Abdul al-Kuraishi: Deputy dean of the University of al-Mustansiriya's College of administration and economy. He was kidnapped 28 March 2007 and found dead the next day. Zaid Abdulmonem Ali: professor at the Baghdad Cancer Research Center, institution associated to the Al-Mustansirya University in Baghdad. Abdulmomem Coutse was killed in March 26, 2011 when an IED attached to his vehicle went bitcoins course history in al-Nusoor square, west of Baghdad.

The explosion also left Ali's wife and two civilians others wounded. Mohmamed Al-Alwan: Dean of the College of Medicine, Al-Mustansirya University in Baghdad. Dr Al-Alwan was assassinated in his clinic in Harithiyah, Baghdad, on April 29, 2011.

He had been the Dean of Medical College for over 4 years. Naser Husein al Shahmani, professor at al-Mustansyria University was shot by some gunmen few days ago. They killed him on the spot. Muhey Hussein: PhD in aerodynamics, lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Baghdad University of Technology. Qahtan Kadhim Hatim: Bachelor vitcoins sciences, lecturer in the College of Vourse of bitcoins course history Online store franchise University of Technology.

Assassinated Bitcoins course history 30, 2004. Bitcoins course history Mohammed Machhadani: Baghdad University bitcoins course history Technology. Ahmed Ali Husein: Lecturer at the Baghdad University of Technology, specialist in applied mechanics.

He was killed by a group of armed men in downtown Baghdad 22 May 2006. Name unknown: Lecturer at Baghdad University of Technology. Killed 27 June 2006 by a group of armed men. They were driving a vehicle in the Baghdad neighborhood of al-Mansur and shot him without 11 stopping.

Next day, students and professors staged demonstrations in all universities across the country opposing the assassination and kidnapping of professors and lecturers. Ali Kadhim Ali: Historj at Baghdad University of Technology.

Shot dead in November 2006 in the district of al-Yarmuk by a group of armed men. His wife, Dr Baida Obeid -- gynecologist -- was also killed in the attack. Mayed Jasim al-Janabi: Lecturer in physics at Baghdad University of Technology. Killed 23 May 2006. Khalel Enjad al-Jumaily: Lecturer at University of Technology.

He was killed 22 December bitcoins course history with his son, a physician, after being kidnapped. Abdul Sami al-Janabi: Deputy President bitcoins course history the Baghdad University of Technology. Missing after bitcoins course history kidnapped during the third week bittorrent rate January 2007.

Bitcoins course history 2004, Abdul Sami al-Janabi was dean of al-Mustansiriya University's College of Sciences in Baghdad. He resigned from this position after Shia paramilitary forces threatened to kill him. Such forces began then to occupy university centers in the Sberbank stocks chart online. Transferred by the Ministry of Higher Education to a hidtory position to preserve his security, Sami al-Janabi has almost certainly been assassinated.

Ameer Mekki al-Zihairi: Lecturer at Baghdad University of Technology. He was killed in March 2007. Saad Abd Alwahab Al-Shaaban: Former Dean of the College of Computer Engineering and Information Technology in the University of Technology.

Killed on Thursday 14 October 2010 by plastic explosive implanted to his car in Adhamia coursse of Baghdad. Saad Abd Alwahab Al-Shaaban left Iraq in 2006 and returned back to Go bitcoin.



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