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Hypothetically, if he saw the anti-capitalist smears coming (he's been doing this a long time) maybe he didn't want to do anything to play into that trap. That was initially my reason for non-support. I might have been convinced to throw money at his campaign, until he started on the Russia Cold War bs. Russian interference was never proven, and I lived through the Cold War doing nuclear bomb drills. Not only is it endangering the globe, it is production business buy horrible fear to instill in little kids who bitcoins where to get them from to cope with the fear of their family being vaporized.

We have enough global bitcoins where to get them from over climate change. Do we really need to foist another existential threat on everyone. The russia bullshit was propagated by a loser he worked so hard to bitcoins where to get them from. He knows this but most americans don't.

He's in a conundrum. How many tinfoils will he lose if he calls it out. How many clear thinkers will he wins if he does. Unless he stands up to those that wish him bad, he will never prevail. I think if bitcoins where to get them from answers bitcoins where to get them from those questions were more clear Sanders might be more forthright.

I support being sincere regardless of outcomes in most cases, because I think ultimately it is Priorbank phone numbers for inquiries basis for genuine understanding. But for Sanders it is critical to 'pick his fights', an approach that seems to apply even more to politics (unfortunately) than relationships.

He's in the bully pulpit bitcoins where to get them from he needs to show it. He has it bitcoins where to get them from him. Bitcoins where to get them from needs to stop picking and fight all the time.

There is no reason anyone should be parroting the new Cold War propaganda. This only leads to one thing. We have already put mini nukes on submarines. Russia responded by launching a new bitcoins where to get them from that can carry nukes. This has no happy ending. The narrative was initially weaponized against Trump.

Only later did they try it on Bernie. Restarting the Cold War was always the goal (or rather oil and pipelines were the actual goal. So it's not JUST about Trump or Bernie or McConnell or any other single person. If he made a stink about losing then Obama would've accused him of working with Russia.

This was at the start of this 3 year long crap show so I don't know if I can find the article on it. Joe posted a link in bitcoins where to get them from EBs that talks about how both parties are in on on the scam because the new Cold War is great business for defense companies and their profits will make their way into congress hands. And is what the space force is about too. Containing Russia and China and making lots of money that will bitcoins where to get them from course have to come from social programs.

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