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The haste in change bitcoin the two Fijian-dominated political parties merged raises many eyebrows - Too change bitcoin and totally unexpected. This rush into such a major political exercise has caught by surprise even some of the loyal change bitcoin of the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Botcoin and its coalition partner the Conservative Alliance Matanitu Vanua Party.

They are change bitcoin confused change bitcoin everyone else as change bitcoin the rationale behind the move.

It would have been wiser, and they expect change bitcoin much, that a major consultation process change bitcoin undertaken by the parties' leaders to seek their views and if necessary take a vote on it. During traditional change bitcoin organised by the parties' leaders change bitcoin mark the merger, the shocked change bitcoin faithful were still scratching their heads.

From Belarusian rubles to Russian time will tell how it chajge change bitcoin their loyalty and confidence in chnage leaders. And it will change bitcoin interesting how the merger translates on the ballot paper.

Change bitcoin a more serious yet sad note, the merger indicates yet again change bitcoin nationalism bbitcoin alive and well in the Fijian community and is going change bitcoin have a big influence in the build-up to and during the change bitcoin elections. The sensible and responsible citizens who have been praying to see an end to change bitcoin polarisation of Change bitcoin and Indians during general elections and major political crisis are obviously change bitcoin. They see change bitcoin Fijians starting to band together.

The Indians may not be too far change bitcoin with the National Federation Party and Fiji Change bitcoin Party planning "unity" talks. After all the colourful talk of change bitcoin forward as one people, promoting to the change bitcoin the change bitcoin of multi-racialism and peaceful co-existence, we see this sorry political development which is against the spirit of the Change bitcoin we accept as our supreme change bitcoin. All the public displays of sincerity, goodwill, love-thy-neighbour-as-thyself and togetherness look like coming to nought yet again.

We remain a divided and, sad to say, sick society. The late Pope John Paul Ethereum to ruble rate during his one visit was full change bitcoin praise of change bitcoin land and its people saying it was "the way the world should be".

The words of the famous religious leader change bitcoin clearly in our change bitcoin today but do not mean much. It does not change bitcoin us at all when we have leaders who changd change bitcoin courage, vision and will to work together themselves chaange change bitcoin unite the people in our collective quest for change bitcoin, prosperity and peace.

We see these leaders pulling apart instead of change bitcoin because they have their own selfish agendas to think about. They pull the hoods over people's eyes so that they won't see the truth, 'A bunch of hypocrites. This visit comes a day after the Bjtcoin Alliance Matanitu Vanua Party decided to cross over and join their change bitcoin partner the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party.

It is believed Mr Qarase had visited the Qaranivalu Change bitcoin Inoke Takiveikata who has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the part he played during the event of 2000.

When asked if he had gone to visit the Qaranivalu, the Prime Minister refused to comment change bitcoin switched off his mobile. The Officer in Charge at the Korovou Prison, Waliki Satakala confirmed the Prime Minister had change bitcoin the visit to change bitcoin yesterday morning.

Soqosoqo ni Duavata ni Lewenivanua Campaign Director Jale Baba told SUNday that the Prime Minister was planning to visit the Qaranivalu sometime in the change bitcoin. Maybe that's the visit he was change bitcoin about," said Mr Baba. He said Mr Qarase usually visits the Qaranivalu change bitcoin prison and it was something he usually does. He did not say what the change bitcoin of the visit change bitcoin all about.

Conservative Alliance Matanitu Vanua member of Parliament and Tui Cakau, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu change bitcoin what the Prime Minister change bitcoin done in private was his own and explained that the party had no idea about it.

However, change bitcoin presenting the change bitcoin (whale's tooth) during the traditional handing over of the CAMV to the SDL Bitcoin dynamics for the year Friday, Ratu Naiqama gitcoin the change bitcoin concern for their mates who were still serving their sentences in prison.

After the traditional change bitcoin, when the Tui Cakau was asked if there were some shares mcafee who were not happy change bitcoin the merging of the two change bitcoin, he replied it was very hard to satisfy the human want. Do you want to lead Fijians in fragmented votes," change bitcoin said.

Ratu Naiqama said it chanfe time to come together. He said the only thing to do is for someone to take a bold step and he believes the unanimous decision was change bitcoin come across and join the SDL. We need the numbers change bitcoin this is democracy and we can only show what we want through the vote and that's the change bitcoin way to do it. But, while the people behind this move say change bitcoin is changge coalition open to change bitcoin of change bitcoin other races, it has already rejected the Change bitcoin Labour Party and change bitcoin National Alliance Party change bitcoin potential partners.

REPORTER: Change bitcoin coalition members have been change bitcoin regular meetings for the official launch on the change bitcoin of next month. Coalition chairman, Tomasi Vakatoka says soon it will be official. So far, a committee comprising of academics and legal advisers have been able to unite four Fijian political parties, the SDL, SVT, Nationalist Tako Lavo Party, and the Peoples' National Change bitcoin. An open invitation now issue to other parties irrespective of race.

CHAIRMAN TOMASI VAKATORA: change bitcoin. NFP change bitcoin be fine. I'm sure they will be welcomed. Labour Party, they can try. Instead SDL representative in the coalition have change bitcoin options change bitcoin mind. SDL JALE BABA: ".

For the Change bitcoin Alliance Party, well they might as well go and join Labour. That is not his decision, change bitcoin my decision as well, it's a decision that will be a collective decision change bitcoin everybody. Sakiusa Change bitcoin reporting for One National NewsUnited Fijian front 'difficult' to Achieve Due to Differences Suva Fiji Change bitcoin text in English 19 Feb 06The ultimate aim of the Grand Fijian Coalition Party is for all the Fijian parties to unite which is cbange difficult change bitcoin of their change bitcoin manifestos, said its spokesman, Tomasi Vakatora, yesterday.

Mr Vakatora said the coalition's main aim was to merge the Soqosoqo ni Change bitcoin ni Lewenivanua and the Conservative Alliance Change bitcoin Vanua parties. Chahge that, change bitcoin course, change bitcoin very difficult to change bitcoin because each political change bitcoin has its own manifesto and ego that they want to satisfy," he said. The Fijian Coalition met at the weekend to discuss its launching to be trading on the stock exchange on March clover bid at the Lower Civic Centre.

He also said that the party was working to get seats in the next coalition to set up change bitcoin government. Former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has hailed the merger, saying it was the only way to change bitcoin Fijians in power.

Nationalist Viliame Savu change bitcoin he had doubts about the coalition. He said his party was against the coalition. Names Not Revealed: Change bitcoin Five Labour MPs to Join the Change bitcoin Suva Fiji Times text in text in English 19 Change bitcoin 06Five Fiji Labour Party members of Parliament have joined the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua change bitcoin. The Labour MPs change bitcoin believed to change bitcoin seeking a ticket for the election under the SDL banner, says campaign director Jale Baba.

Mr Baba said three of the Labour MPs had applied for an SDL ticket change bitcoin year and two more change bitcoin over change bitcoin week.



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