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He was kidnapped from his home in Basra by unidentified armed men 13 October 2007 and found dead on the morning of 15 October. Mohammed Kadhem convert to bitcoin Head of Baghdad University's Department of Planning and Evaluation.

He was kidnapped 18 October 2007 from his home in Baghdad by a group of armed men and found dead a few hours later in the area of Ur, near to Sadr City, which is under the control of Moqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army. Munther Murhej Radhi: Dean of the College of Odontology, Baghdad University. He was found dead in his car 23 January 2008. Mundir Marhach: Dean of Faculty of Stomatology, Baghdad University.

Abdul Sattar Jeid convert to bitcoin, a Microbiologist and lecturer in the College of Veterinary Convert to bitcoin and in other institutions in the University. He was killed in Convert to bitcoin 2003 by three gunmen in front of his wife and his four children.

His three assassins were waiting the family return to Baghdad after have been visiting his parents in al-Ramadi city, west Baghdad. His wife was also sot in her head, but she survived. His 14 year old convert to bitcoin child died of a heart problem a year later. Convert to bitcoin Shenein Mohammad: professor of Arabic Language convert to bitcoin the College of Islamic Sciences, University of Baghdad, killed on 27 May 2010 by an assassin (an convert to bitcoin, Baghdad police source informed) with a ripple course gun in his personal convert to bitcoin in the University.

Mudhafar Mahmoud: associated professor in the Geology Department in the College of Science, University of Baghdad. Dr Mahmoud was assassinated on 28 November 2010 near his house convert to bitcoin Baghdad.

Ali Shalash: professor of Poultry Diseases in the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad, killed by assassins who broke into his house in Piccolo ice cream convert to bitcoin in Baghdad on 17 February, 2011. Ahmed Shakir was a specialist in cardio-vascular diseases and professor at the Faculty of Medicine in the Convert to bitcoin of Baghdad.

According to security reports, Dr. Shakir was killed when a bomb planted in his convert to bitcoin exploded in Zaafaraniyya, south of Baghdad, chart dollar ruble Monday 1 July convert shekels to rubles. Mohammed al-Miyahi: Dean of al-Maamoun Faculty in Baghdad.

He was shot with a convert to bitcoin gun in front of his house in al-Qadisiah district, southern Baghdad, as he stepped out of his car 14 December convert to bitcoin. Al-Mustansiriya University (Baghdad) 8 93. Aalim Abdul Hameed: Convert to bitcoin in preventive medicine, specialist in depleted uranium effects in Convert to bitcoin, dean of the College of Convert to bitcoin, al-Mustansiriya University.

Abdul Latif al-Mayah: PhD in economics, lecturer and head of Department of Research, al-Mustansiriya University. Killed January 9, 2004. Aki Thakir Alaany: PhD and lecturer at the College of Literature, al-Mustansiriya Convert to bitcoin. Falah al-Dulaimi: Convert to bitcoin, professor and deputy dean of al-Mustansiriya University's College of Sciences.

Falah Ali Hussein: PhD in physics, lecturer and deputy dean of the College of Sciences, al-Mustansiriya University, killed May 2005. Musa Convert to bitcoin Addas: PhD, lecturer and deputy dean of the College of Educational Sciences, al-Mustansiriya University, killed 27 May 2005. Hussam al-Din Ahmad Mahmmoud: Convert to bitcoin in education sciences, lecturer and dean at College of Education Sciences, al-Mustansiriya University.

Jasim Abdul Kareem: PhD and lecturer at the College of the Education, al-Mustansiriya University. Abdul As Satar Sabar al-Khazraji: PhD in history, al-Mustansiriya University, killed 19 June 2005.

Samir Yield Gerges: PhD and lecturer at the College of Administration and Economy at al-Mustansiriya University, killed 28 August 2005. Jasim al-Fahaidawi: PhD and lecturer in Arabic literature at the College of Humanities, al-Mustansiriya University. Assassinated at the university entrance. Kadhim Talal Hussein: Deputy Etherium company of the College of Education, al-Mustansiriya University.



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