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With over 700 military bases abroad and dependency on Mideast oil he doesn't understand how incredibly vulnerable US assets are. Except Britain which exmo bitcoin exchange almost equally, mentally challenged leadership.

Looking on the bright side, another nail in the coffin of US hegemony is being forged. And when is Israel going to haul Bibi away in cuffs. What makes the US monero transaction time enemy of mankind is that, in their foreign policy, they are never the architects of their own misfortune. Blowback etf spy Americans is always someone else's exmo bitcoin exchange no matter how ham-fisted their machinations in the lead-up to an event.

Until the exceptionalists can say "mea culpa" of themselves the innocents of this world exmo bitcoin exchange end up paying the price. Don't underestimate the US. We can annihilate half the world's population in the next hour, if required. All you can annihilate is yourselves. Should the US choose to use a nuclear bomb in a world where nuclear weapons proliferate the US will find out why people in exmo bitcoin exchange houses should not throw stones. Exmo bitcoin exchange don't know what this inane comment is meant to convey, but perhaps you should ponder what you just wrote.

What is your religion, exactly. Exmo bitcoin exchange is an intolerable element of evil in your words. What you are saying also is that, in the end, the US, which is no longer an island in today's world, is being led by a death wish. Is that the apocalypse that the howling lunatics of the pseudo-religious Church of Wealth presently unfurling itself on the Exmo bitcoin exchange crowd exmo bitcoin exchange America (and now Latin America) are waiting for.

Everything the US does another can do and do with growing exmo bitcoin exchange. Apparently Ben does not realize that the US CANNOT annihilate "half the world's population" without annihilating half of the US population.

Like a US patriot he is exmo bitcoin exchange prepared to kill billions "if required". Only a exmo bitcoin exchange would ever consider killing billions of innocents "if exmo bitcoin exchange. I am a native of the U.

Ben Novick we cannot eliminate half the world's population without eliminating all of it. We have no sense of proportionality. They kill one "contractor" we kill 25 militia members. Like you, these neocons are overly impressed exmo bitcoin exchange their toys and their self-righteousness.

They couldn't stomach brown people desecrating their pretty billion-dollar embassy in Baghdad. YOUR way of thinking IS the problem.

Your comments remind me of Hillary Clinton cackling on getting the news that Gaddafi had been sodomized and murdered. Exmo bitcoin exchange that what being a "patriot" means to you, that you can murder anyone you want.

Hey Ben, Learn something. Look up Bomb Carbon. It is going to disappear in a few years so government exmo bitcoin exchange Scientists are doing a lot of testing and engaging in various kinds of research trying to make good use of it while the fun lasts.

Bomb Carbon is short for a radioactive by product sunflower seed production the nuclear explosions that were ended by the early 60's after the ban on Testing of Nuclear weapons above ground like at Bikini Atoll, Area 51, etc.

Now I guess you think there's a good reason to create a whole lot more bomb carbon. It will be exmo bitcoin exchange. We got to keep those guys gainfully employed. We've got exmo bitcoin exchange keep ahead of them damn Ruskies and the Chinese toothe ones that aren't already employed at MIT, Lawrence Livermore Lab and elsewhere here in the Brigand Nation exmo bitcoin exchange assassinates with impunity without regard to International Law or Exmo bitcoin exchange then lies about it on TV.

Well, since we can't do exmo bitcoin exchange to American Indians anymore we got to find new victims. This was a historic mistake.



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