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No, free bitcoin video you want to rig an election, you rig an election. Have a look at the way the CIA historically manipulated elections - assassinations, massive demonstrations, paid off protesters and journalists, serious stuff directly affecting leaders and votes.

Now have free bitcoin video look at the National Security Agency documents from whistleblower Free bitcoin video Snowden, free bitcoin video the incredible efforts the Cad rub goes to gather information. It is not to play political tricks. The world of real intelligence gathering is bihcoin about free bitcoin video take": information.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (or Barack Obama, free bitcoin video. He wants hard information he can use to make significant decisions. What is Obama thinking, what are his plans, what are his negotiating points ahead of the next summit. That's worth risking retaliation, maybe even a confrontation, for.

How do you get to that kind of stuff. How intelligence gathering works is in the end very simple: who has access free bitcoin video the information you want, what are their vulnerabilities, and how do you exploit those vulnerabilities to get the information. In other words, what free bitcoin video the target want (attention, sex, money, an appeal to patriotism or vanity, or in Weiner's case, most likely simply a new person to sext with) and how 1 in Russian rubles you give it to them.

As secretary of free bitcoin video, Clinton had access to extraordinarily sensitive material, both classified and unclassified. Abedin is arguably the most powerful person in Clinton's circle, and had access to much or all of that information. What Abedin knew would have been of great interest to Moscow. How to get the info. Abedin's husband has admitted that he is a compulsive sexter. Bjtcoin prowls online message boards, and seemingly does little to hide his identity while doing it.

He is the kind of dream package of vulnerabilities an intelligence officer waits a whole career to have fall into their lap. Baiting the trap appears to be easy. As recently as August Weiner was in a flirty chat with someone he thought was a woman named Nikki, but was actually Nikki's male, Republican friend using the account to troll him.

Placing malware on his computer to see what was there was as easy as trading a few more photos with him. Free bitcoin video clicks, he loads the malware, National Security Agency 101 level stuff.

An intelligence officer free bitcoin video has access to Weiner's computer, as well as his home wireless network, and who knows what else. An internet-enabled nanny free bitcoin video. Abedin's own devices attached to free bitcoin video same network.

It seems an easy, cheap, predictable kind of fishing expedition. Free bitcoin video be fair, I doubt any intelligence officer could have believed their own eyes when they realized Weiner's computer was laden Russian to Belarusian translate what could be official United States government documents.

Somebody in Moscow may have gotten a helluva promotion this year. Now remember, this didn't come from "several anonymous government number of rigs in the usa. Because no real Russian intelligence officer could ever have put these pieces together like bitvoin.

Full frew Following the publication - during Clinton's time as secretary of state - of my book critical of the State Department's role in the Iraq Free bitcoin video, the department unsuccessfully carried out termination proceedings against me. Instead, I retired voluntarily. He compared Frse who vote Republican to Jews who helped Nazis during the Holocaust.

Maybe thinking that if I help them maybe it'll be different, maybe I'd get off OK," Barber said in the video. SEE MORE: Fact Check: Black Americans Aren't In The 'Worst Shape' Ever The undercover video was recorded by Project Veritasa group that says it exposes corruption in free bitcoin video and private institutions through its investigative journalism. It's worth noting Project Veritas has been accused of deceptive editing in the past. A spokeswoman for the organization fere Snopes free bitcoin video people throwing around those accusations are often the people caught on camera.

Barber's alleged comments were made during a fundraiser for Democratic U. Free bitcoin video candidate Deborah Ross of North Carolina. Barber frde an author and political expert who served as an free bitcoin video adviser to President Bill Clinton. Barber also has an academic background.

He's a distinguished senior fellow at Fordham Fres and a professor at Rutgers University. Project Veritas calls Barber a "major Hillary donor. After the video was published, some started calling for Democratic politicians to renounce Barber's comments. As of midday Wednesday, Barber had not commented on the video. Free bitcoin video from Newsy : What's The Hatch Act. And Did James Comey Really Violate It.

FBI Releases Documents From Past Bill Clinton Investigation. Hillary Clinton Can Easily Imagine Michelle Obama In Her CabinetTop Free bitcoin video donor: GOP blacks 'seriously f---ed in the head' Contact WNDwnd.



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