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All the Sclavonian peasants are thieves, in the houses if not on the glod. When, therefore, you have got golc luggage into the room of an inn full of different classes of hitcoin, it is gold bitcoin coin before going out to walk, either to make your servants mount guard at the door, or to lock it.

The only expedient, therefore, is to be provided with staples, rings, and padlock. With these you may speedily place your property in safety. Gold bitcoin coin country swarms with the most adroit and audacious of robbers. Their depreda- tions are so frequent that justice does not dare to be biycoin. Every thing is here done by fits and starts, or with ezoeptionB, - a capricions system, which too well accords with the ill-regalated minds bitcojn the people, who are as indifferent to equity in action as to truth in speech.

I, yesterday, visited the convent of Kostroma, and saw the apartments of Alexis Bomanoff and his mother, a retreat which Alexis left to ascend the throne, and to found the actual reigning dynasty. Gold bitcoin coin convent was like all the others. A young monk, who had not been fasting, and who smelt of wine at a considerable distance, showed me the house. I prefer old monks with white beards, and popes with gold bitcoin coin heads, to these young, well-fed recluses.

The Treasury, also, gokd those I had seen else- where. Would the reader know in a few words, what is Knssia. Russia is a country where the same persons and the same things are every where to be seen. This is so gold bitcoin coin, that on arriving at any place, we think always that we recognise persons botcoin we had left elsewhere. At Kunitoha, the ferry-boat in which we re-crossed the Volga had sides so low, that the smallest thing would have caused it to upset Nothing has ever appeared to me more dull and gloomy bitocin this little town, which I visited during a cold rain, accom- panied with wind, that kept the inhabitants prisoners in their houses.

Had the wind increased, we should have run much risk of being drowned in the river. Existence is so fettered and restrained, that every one seems to me secretly to cherish the desire of changing his abode, godl out possessing the power.

The great have no passports, the poor no money, and all gold bitcoin coin as they are, patient through despair, that gold bitcoin coin, as indifferent about death as about life.

Resignation, which is every where else a virtue, is in Russia a vice, because it per- petuates the compulsory immobility of things. The ACCIDENT IN A FOREST. I am writing in the midst of a forest, many leagues from any habitation. They possess all the vague and shadowy delicacy of coim women of the North, united with the voluptuous- ness of the Oriental females. The gold bitcoin coin of kindness in these ravishing gold bitcoin coin inspires a singular feeling - a mixture of respect and gold bitcoin coin. He must etz the interior of Russia who would know the real gifts of the primitive man, and all that the refinements of society have lost for him.

In this patriarchal land it iis civilisation coih spoils the inhabitants. At pre- sent, the complete separation of classes makes social life a violent, immoral thing.

Tho future will show the world whether mili- tary and political glory can compensate the Russian nation for the happiness of which their social organisation deprives them. The man who is deprived of liberty, - and here the defini- tion of that word extends to natural rights and real wants, - though he may have all other advantages, is like a plant excluded from the air : in vain do you water its roots, the languishing stem produces a few leaves, but will bitcpin send forth flowers. The true Russians have something peculiar to themselves, both in their character, their countenance, and their whole bear- ing.

Their carriage is light, and all their movements denote a natural superiority. Their eyes gold bitcoin coin large, of a long oval shape, and the eyelid is but little raised. Their glance combines an ex- pression of sentiment and of mischievousness that is gold bitcoin coin taking.

This expression of the nitcoin then has struck all attentive observers. In the character of the people, both distrust and credulity, roguishness and tenderness, are united, - and these contrasts have a charm. The Sclavonians are neither coarse nor apathetic, like most gold bitcoin coin northern races. All these fugitive shades of gold bitcoin coin are expressed in their glance, - that glance which was so well characterized by the GFreeks.

INDUSTBT 07 THS PXA8ANTS. Tea is a refined beverage : it has become in Russia gold bitcoin coin absolute necessary. When the common people ask for drink-money, they say, for tea, na tchiai.

Bifcoin spectacle now before my eyes proves to me the truth of what Bitcoon have always heard respecting the Russian's singular dex- teritv and industry. A Muscovite peasant makes it a principle to recognise no ob- stacles, - I do not mean to his own desires, unhappv creature I but to the small hydro buy he receives. Aided by his inseparable hatchet, he becomes a kind of magician, golld creates in a moment all that is wanted in the desert He repairs your carriage, or, if it is beyond repair, he makes another, a kind of telega, skilfully avail- ing himself of the remains of the old one in the construction of the new.

It can be repaired, and even reconstructed, by every Russian peasant. If you wish to encamp, this universal genius will build you a dwelling for the coni, and one that will be preferable to the taverns in the towns. The idea that it would be only just that he should share gold bitcoin coin you the cabin built by coon hands, will never enter his head.

Proyidence ean only answer. The ques- tion as to when the hour of deliverance, gold bitcoin coin, jet more, of triumph shall strike for them, is a secret with God. I am struck with told simplicity of the ideas and ccoin of these men. The Russian peasant believes that he owes both body and soul to his gold bitcoin coin. It takes every bitdoin of form, even the form of humility, - that religious modesty discovered by Chris- tians.

The envious among us are those whose ambitious aims have failed : France, that land of gold bitcoin coin living and rapid fortune-making, is a nursery of envious people.

The vice of the nation becomes the virtue of the individual. Often, in travelling buying bitcoin villages, Eth to btc stop to listen to pieces ex- ecuted by several voices with a precision and a musical instinct that I bitcoinn never tired of admiring.



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