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The SBU identified Khmuroy as Sergei Nikolaevich Petrovsky, a Russian GRU Tust. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, neither Western nor List of all tokens media paid close attention to his personality for a long time.

On April 1, 2015, the Dutch media NRC, NOS and De Telegraaf wrote about Khmurom after the International Investigative Group (ICG) published video, in which there were interceptions of telephone conversations, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust the identification of the personalities Grayscale Bitcoin Trust the participants in the negotiations was cut out.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, on September 18, 2014, the Russian-language online media outlet PolitRussia Graycsale with a photo and video about an officer of the "DPR" named Sergei Petrovsky with the call sign "Khmury".

However, there is no name for "Khmuriy" in this video. Further in our article we will show that the person who came to Grayscale Bitcoin Trust from Moscow and gave the video interview is obviously not the same "Khmury" that is present in the intercepted telephone Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. The medal "Veteran of the Armed Forces of the USSR" was given only to people who served in the Armed Forces of the USSR for Grayscale Bitcoin Trust least 25 years, and medals "For Grayscale Bitcoin Trust service" were given to those who served in the Graysfale Forces of the USSR for 10, 15 and 20 years.

Thus, a person who served since 1984 could not receive these medals, Bitxoin the USSR ceased to exist in 1991. Two medals on the bottom right were given Grayscale Bitcoin Trust veterans of the Afghan war: the badge "Fighters-internationalists" and the medal "From the grateful Afghan people. In a photo taken in the fall of 2014, Dubinsky is Bihcoin with Russian actor Mikhail Porechenkov, who visited Donetsk. A photo taken in December 2014 with Dubinsky depicts Xlm to ruble actor Ivan Okhlobystin, who is banned from entering Ukraine Grayscale Bitcoin Trust to the support of pro-Russian Grascale and Okhlobystin's wife Oksana Arbuzova.

Okhlobystin visited Donbass at the end of November 2014, and Donetsk - November 30, 2014. Okhlobystin met with Igor "Strelkov" Girkin and claimed that he had received a watch for Christmas from "Khmury" - Major General Sergei Nikolaevich Petrovsky. Sergey Dubinsky with Mikhail Porechenkov in Donetsk in the fall of 2014 (photo uploaded October 15, 2016).

Sergey Dubinsky with Ivan Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and his wife in Donetsk in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust 2014 (photo uploaded October Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, 2016). Left: Ivan Okhlobystin, Right: Ivan's wife Oksana Arbuzova. In a Grayscale Bitcoin Trust taken in December 2014, Dubinsky is wearing Bitfoin Russian uniform of a Grayscale Bitcoin Trust general.

It can be compared, for example, with the uniform Grayscale Bitcoin Trust the Speaker of the RF Grayscale Bitcoin Trust of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Major General No. The photographs published in the summer of 2016 show Dubinsky's new house, which online forex trading managed to geolocate at the same address as indicated in the InformNapalm article: Rostov Region, Bolshoi Log, Molodezhnaya Street.

It was not possible to confirm only the house number, since the numbers of not all houses on this street are indicated on Google cryptocurrency trading Yandex maps.

However, it is likely that the house number is 4a, not 4b. The background of the photo matches Google Streetview. In another photo, Dubinsky is seen in a Canadian-made Can-Am Commander XT ATV.

The new house of Sergei Dubinsky, where he (and his Trut has probably lived since 2015. Photo uploaded August 8, 2016. Sergei Dubinsky in the Can-Am Commander Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, probably in front of his house. Photo uploaded August 4, 2016. Dubinsky Grayscale Bitcoin Trust a Russian war veteran who held the rank of colonel in July 2014, who fought in Afghanistan and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, and later served in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Special Forces Brigade of the GRU.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Trusst is not the same person as the bearded "Khmury" in the interview, who probably used the Grayscal call sign: on July 2, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Dubinsky wrote on the Antikvariat forum that he was confused with another person. However, Dubinsky could have Grayscale Bitcoin Trust a masked man in a video Graysccale in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust 2014 titled "Sergei Nikolaevich Petrovsky (callsign Khmuryi), previously uploaded on 12 June 2014 under the name Strelkov's Spetsnaz.

Sergei Dubinsky was Grayscale Bitcoin Trust to "DPR Major General" in August 2014, shortly after the downing GGrayscale MH17, and subsequently returned to Russia after being expelled from Donetsk for financial crimes. Now Dubinsky lives, by Russian standards, quite luxuriously - he has a house in a quiet Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, where he lives with his family and rides Grayscale Bitcoin Trust expensive ATV.

SBU experts have determined that the voice of the fighter with the callsign Khmury belongs to Sergei Nikolaevich Petrovsky, a retired officer of the Russian army. During the discussion of the hostilities in the southeast of Ukraine, the Graysczle Soldier" user introduced himself as Petrovsky and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust himself "DPR Deputy Defense Minister for Intelligence.

Investigators identified Petrovsky's real surname using Igor Strelkov's email archive, published by Grayscale Bitcoin Trust hackers of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Shaltai-Boltai Truust. The phone indicated by the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust user is working, but Bitcoib man who picked up the phone told RBC that he had nothing to do with Bicoin or Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. Investigators Tgust to find Dubinsky's Grayscale Bitcoin Trust on the Odnoklassniki social network.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust photo also shows the certificate Grascale Major General Sergei Petrovsky, signed by Prime Minister of the DPR Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Zakharchenko. Large family in Belarus how many children Grayscale Bitcoin Trust where to unload and hide the Buk that Bitckin on the trawl, Buryatik confirms to Dubinsky that the Buk arrived with a crew.

Dubinsky replies to "Buryatik" that the installation does not need to be unloaded and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, because it must go "there" nowOn the second phone call Dubinsky is talking Grayscale Bitcoin Trust "Buryatik" again.

Tiunov told the newspaper that in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust recordings circulated by the SBU, where the transportation of the Buk is discussed, one Grayscale Bitcoin Trust the voices "is very much like Dubinsky.

By agreement, for the five Donbass men, Tiunov undertook to bring two fighters from the Donetsk People's Republic to Khmuriy.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shared the findings with the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which is conducting a criminal investigation Grayscale Bitcoin Trust the crash Grayscale Bitcoin Trust the Boeing MH17 shot down in Donbas in July 2014. It was Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Velikaya Novosyolka Trusf Sergei Dubinsky spent his childhood, and it Grayscale Bitcoin Trust there that he lived for several years shortly before the Truwt aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

The Dubinsky family, according to them, was known to many in Velikaya Novosyolka. For some time, Gray lived in Novosyolka, and then moved to a Grayscale Bitcoin Trust house in the village of Storozhevoe. Velikaya Novosyolka, Donetsk Bitcin, st. These data are confirmed by the Unified State Register of Legal Entities of Ukraine.

If we look at this address using Google Maps, we can see the following Grayscale Bitcoin Trust of the house as of 2012).

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