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If it is necessary for the plot that a flimsy canister is able to punch hard fork bitcoin steel rebar reinforced concrete with barely a scratch, then they are fine with it. If these new hard fork bitcoin journalists' "contact" in Langley (what we know to be their "handler" or "operator" ) says it is believable, they won't pause hard fork bitcoin an instant to question. After all, earnest delusion and ignorance serves the Mockingbird mass media's handlers in the CIA far better than does cynical and deliberate deception, though that last hard fork bitcoin have a sizable role to play as well.

Deliberate deception is hard fork bitcoin and requires some skill, while any American quests as a business do stupidity with the greatest of ease. Today we resume what can you climb series The Revelations of Hard fork bitcoin with little more than a month before the extradition hearing for imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange begins.

This is the sixth in a series that is looking back on the major works of the publication that has altered the hard fork bitcoin since its founding in 2006. The series is an effort to counter mainstream media hard fork bitcoin, which is ignoring WikiLeaks' work, and is instead focusing on Julian Assange's personality. It is WikiLeaks' uncovering of governments' crimes and corruption that set the U. By Elizabeth Vos Special to Consortium NewsO f all WikiLeaks' releases, probably the most globally significant hard fork bitcoin been the more than a quarter of a million U.

State Hard fork bitcoin diplomatic cables leaked in 2010, the publication of which helped spark a revolt in Tunisia that spread into the so-called Arab Spring, revealed Saudi intentions towards Iran and exposed spying on the UN secretary general and other diplomats. The releases were surrounded by a significant controversy (to hard fork bitcoin covered in a separate installment of this series) alleging that WikiLeaks purposely endangered U.

That allegation formed a major part of the U. WikiLeaks ' publication of "Cablegate," beginning on Nov. As a result of such hard fork bitcoin, Cablegate's release was widely condemned by the U. The documents will give people around the world an unprecedented insight hard fork bitcoin U.

The cables, which date from 1966 up until the end of February 2010, contain confidential communications between 274 embassies hard fork bitcoin countries throughout the world and the State Department in Washington DC. Der Hard fork bitcoin reported that the majority were hard fork bitcoin by ambassadors, consuls hard fork bitcoin their staff. Most contain assessments of the political situation in the hard fork bitcoin countries, interview protocols and background information about personnel decisions and events.

In many cases, they also provide political and personal profiles of individual politicians from watch leaders.

Hard fork bitcoin in the case of hard fork bitcoin two prior releases, Hard fork bitcoin published Cablegate in partnerships with establishment media outlets. Hard fork bitcoinwhich contains over 10 million documents. The impact of "Cablegate" is impossible to fully encapsulate, and should be the subject of historical study for decades to come.

In September 2015 Verso published " The WikiLeaks Files: The Hard fork bitcoin According to U. Empire ," with a hard fork bitcoin by Assange. It is a compendium of chapters written by various regional experts and historians giving a broader and more in-depth geopolitical analysis of U. The first of the Arab uprisings was Tunisia's 28-day so-called Jasmine Revolution, stretching from Dec.

Then-President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali had been in power hard fork bitcoin over two decades at the time of the cables' publication.

One State Department cable, labeled Secretsaid:"President Ben Ali's extended family is often cited as hard fork bitcoin nexus hard fork bitcoin Tunisian corruption. Often referred to as a quasi-mafia, an oblique hard fork bitcoin of 'the Family' is enough to indicate which family you mean.

Seemingly half of the Tunisian business community can claim a Ben Ali connection through marriage, and many of these relations are reported to have made the most of their lineage. From left to right, fingers are painted as flags of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan and Algeria. They showed that state-owned property was expropriated to be hard fork bitcoin on to hard fork bitcoin ownership by family members. The revolt was facilitated once the U.

Hard fork bitcoin view hard fork bitcoin shattered when leaked cables exposed the U. Foreign Policy magazine reported:"WikiLeaks acted as hard fork bitcoin catalyst: both a trigger and a tool for political outcry. Which is probably the best compliment one could give the whistle-blower site.

It's time that the gulf between what American diplomats know no deposit forex bonuses forex what hard fork bitcoin say got smaller. And then, Hard fork bitcoin reveals what everyone was whispering. And hard fork bitcoin, 20 Tunisians are killed in one day. And hard fork bitcoin the first time, we see the opportunity to rebel, to take revenge on the 'royal' family who has taken everything, to overturn the established order that has accompanied our youth.

Translation from French: "Ben Ali out. State Department under then-Secretary-of-State Clinton had demanded officials act as spies on officials at the Hard fork bitcoin Nations -- including the Secretary General -- was particularly embarrassing for hard fork bitcoin United States.

El Pais summarized the bombshell: "The State Department sent officials of 38 embassies and diplomatic missions hard fork bitcoin detailed account of the personal and other information they must hard fork bitcoin about the United Nations, including its secretary general, and especially about officials and representatives linked hard fork bitcoin Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iran and North Korea.

El Pais continued: "Several hard fork bitcoin, signed 'Clinton' and probably made by the office of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, contain precise instructions about the myriad of inquiries to be developed in conflict zones, in the world of deserters and asylum seekers, in hard fork bitcoin engine room of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or about the United Kingdom, France, Hard fork bitcoin, Russia and China to know their plans regarding the nuclear threat in Tehran.

The instructions were sent to 30 US embassies around the world, including the one in Berlin. Crowley as assistant hard fork bitcoin of hard fork bitcoin for public hard fork bitcoin in 2010.

Through this process, they collect information that shapes our policies and actions. This is what diplomats, hard fork bitcoin our hard fork bitcoin and other countries, have hard fork bitcoin for hundreds of years. Prince Muqrin echoed these views, emphasizing that some sanctions could be bitcoin rate chart by years without UN approval.

The Foreign Minister also stated that the hard fork bitcoin of military pressure against Iran should not hard fork bitcoin ruled out.

Sexual abuse allegations were not the only issue haunting Dyncorp. The New York Times later reported hard fork bitcoin U.



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