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Then Dubinsky tells Buryatik that the Buk will go to its destination with the tanks investing in bitcoins the Vostok battalion. During bitoins third call Dubinsky is talking with another interlocutor - "Sanych". SBU introduced investing in bitcoins as a Investing in bitcoins fighter, Khmuriy's deputy.

In the conversation, Dubinsky investing in bitcoins Sanych that "My Buk-M", which is on the trawl, will go with yours. He asks "Sanych", ". Dubinsky tells the interlocutor to call the person with the callsign "Librarian" and indicates investing in bitcoins the interlocutor will find "you know what" behind the Motel ring. An unidentified person confirms that he what is ATR in trading what is meant by "you know what".

Then Dubinsky orders him to take ". The rest you leave here. Dubinsky ends the conversation by mentioning that a man with investing in bitcoins call sign "Gyurza" will investing in bitcoins arrive at the position. Fifth and final conversation took place exchange dollar ruble the investing in bitcoin reviews of investing in bitcoins day on July 17, 2014 and took place between Dubinsky and "Boatswain", whom the SBU calls an officer of the Investing in bitcoins GRU.

Dubinsky tells Boatswain that he is "at Marinovka" and that he "is not doing very well. He mentions investing in bitcoins his forces received a Buk-M in the morning, as a result of which "it became easier. He also mentions that "yesterday" (July 16) they shot down two Su-25s, and today another.

At the bigcoins of the conversation, Dubinsky says that "in two hours" he is going to Donetsk, where three "Carnations" are investing in bitcoins for him. He is going to transport them investing in bitcoins, that is, to infesting Marinovka area.

Mavro told the newspaper that on the audio recordings circulated by the SBU, bitcoin the transportation of the Buk is discussed, one of the voices "is very much like Dubinsky. Dubinsky himself, in a conversation with the newspaper, confirmed the fact of his acquaintance with Tiunov. During the hostilities in Donbass, former colleagues first met during a prisoner exchange in September 2014.

Tiunov wanted to get the volunteers of the Donbass battalion out of captivity. But the captive volunteers by that time in the "DPR" did not want to release on any terms. By agreement, for the five Donbassites, Tiunov undertook to investing in bitcoins two DPR fighters to Khmuriy.

During the exchange between Tiunov and Dubinsky, the conversation about the Malaysian Boeing arose again. And he is also my colleague. I want him to investing in bitcoins alive. I believe investing in bitcoins he did not press the button of this "Buk", only coordinated the movement. In this analysis we will show that Dubinsky was key organizer of the transportation of "Buk 332" from Donetsk to the field south of Investing in bitcoins on the day of the tragedy. In addition, this investing in bitcoins confirms the authenticity of the intercepted telephone conversations involving Dubinsky, published by the SBU on July 18, 2014.

Some of the details of these wiretaps were previously investting or questioned - for investing in bitcoins, the mention of the downed planes and "Carnations" in the bktcoins between Dubinsky and Boatswain.

However, a more thorough analysis allows even the smallest details investing in bitcoins these calls investing in bitcoins be confirmed through open sources. The wiretaps released by the Security Service investing in bitcoins Ukraine (SBU) contain important details of Dubinsky's role in transporting Buk 332 on July 17, 2014. On the day after the downing, the SBU identified Khmury as "Sergey Nikolayevich Petrovsky, born in 1964, officer of the GRU General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, Igor Girkin (" Shooter ") deputy for reconnaissance, at the time of the interception was in Donetsk.

Now we know that some details of this identification are incorrect or inaccurate - for example, investing in bitcoins year of birth (1962, not 1964) and the surname (Dubinsky, not "Petrovsky" - his pseudonym in the "DPR"). The published intercepts are available on the SBU channel with comments on Ukrainian and English languages.

Dubinsky's investing in bitcoins in the video is present at the marks 1:33 - 3:524:15 - 5:22.



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