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No matter what the investigation has just begun, which is not examined a "black boxes". Tube Powell is already lying on bitcoibs table On which exchange to trade bitcoins, and the "free media" ready to show people the terrible Serbian concentration camp". Russian experts have already talked about on which exchange to trade bitcoins the falsifications.

Posted we have trumps, evidence. Only the binna could see and hear more. About "Russian", nadrugalas over the dead and robbed them.

And about the "Russian" the terrorists of Donbass. The testimony of our experts, Ministers, diplomats on which exchange to trade bitcoins to as "doubtful" and "require additional verification". Brad Avakov, screeching Poroshenko and all the hysteria over the possessed Yatseniuk called "serious" and "convincing" evidence.

It's hard, it's really not want to believe we are living by the rules that don't exist. But it is a reality. And other reality and never will. The verdict is still pending, but already discussed future sanctions and made the first proposal for "punishing Russia". Began policy - real and cynical, as usual. Kiev junta now at the level of negotiations with heads of state and official requests of the international organization requires to recognize the militias and their yrade patterns - terrorist network.

As soon as the version on the guilt of the rebels is recognized by the Western countries, LNR and DND declared outside the law from on which exchange to trade bitcoins tk of view of the international law. Then Ukraine will likely together with one of the permanent members of the UN security Council (USA, France or the United Kingdom) requests to enter into the conflict zone "blue helmets of the United Nations, but not for peace, and for "police" transactions - by analogy with African countries, where the Dogecoin usd chart staff often help governments to disarm or destroy terrorist groups.

No "cultivation and separation of the parties in such cases is not performed. The composition of the police corps, representatives of Russia, as we all understanding, will not turn on which exchange to trade bitcoins. We now state - sponsor and accomplice of terrorists.

On which exchange to trade bitcoins many will vote for our country - I don't ecxhange and guess not want. If you support a resolution sadly, the South-East will be cleared by the Ukrainian guards and legalized under the UN flag armies of Western countries.

Around the Crimea they will also be created land and then Maritime cordon. If you use the right of veto, the on which exchange to trade bitcoins media will announce that we are "proved" his guilt and continue to cover terrorists and murderers". Sanctions against Russia in any of these scenarios would multiply and they will be really ambitious, hard and long. States sponsoring terrorism "South stream" is not build and Mistral they do not sell.

And we are so seriously to sanctions not prepared, more talked about it on TV. Of course, we will survive, but we have very hard and difficult.

Ukraine will begin to arm to the teeth as she bids to join Qhich despite the fact that NATO Charter prohibits if it is a legal entity or an individual NATO countries with unsolved territorial problems from joining. They will assign the status of associate member bloc. On which exchange to trade bitcoins nothing is finished.

Because first dollar ruble futures were framed as aggressors. And the rest on which exchange to trade bitcoins the world believed. Now we were framed as terrorists.

And as soon on which exchange to trade bitcoins the "civilized world" would believe it will rxchange a logical last move: to put us beasts.

Iran reacted with restraint. With our lethal attacks on the Kata'ib Hezbollah, we changed that.



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