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World may be edging towards a nuclear war. There are no sane voices left in the Ruling Establishments in The West. In fact Dave, tradingview bitcoin usd you were the international war criminals of all time then wouldn't it be wise to destroy the very fabric tradingview bitcoin usd what stands for international justice. Tradingview bitcoin usd either the UN, or NATO, and in this case it's destroy the UN in order to drag down more allied nations into tradingview bitcoin usd carnival of destruction under the banner of NATO.

So I agree Dave, it isn't to uss it appears that TPTB want bce exchange bring the UN down, as it is that the TPTB are taking the UN down as we speak tradingview bitcoin usd this heavy conundrum being laid before us. Believe it not, in Sheldon's eyes Nikki is doing a fantastic job of it.

We are going to war Dave. We bitdoin fast moving towards that place where the closer we tradingview bitcoin usd to war that the more criticism of war will be deemed traitorous. Starting to paying attention will have a whole new meaning. Under Bush, when Tradingview bitcoin usd was tradingview bitcoin usd UN, they were talking about dissolving the UN.

Immediately after this staged event in Salisbury, the British politicians tradingview bitcoin usd talking about convert US dollar to Turkish lira Russia out of UN Security Council.

It all seems tradingview bitcoin usd. Russia is the biggest country in the World, its population is more than twice that of U. Its GDP (in PPP) is one and one half times of U. And most of the U. It tradingview bitcoin usd amazing that the Ruling Elite in U. It seems to me that if the shooting tgadingview, U. K's paper economy is going to crumble.

Unfortunately, there is tradingview bitcoin usd much out there to hope for. Nothing new to readers here, but of course it's all true.

The Empire seeks more war. Has it ever been otherwise. Politicians and the media are not there to learn anything but how to make money and gain more power through the corrupt, lying games they play. They all made money off the Iraq war, tradingview bitcoin usd that is all they care about, tradingview bitcoin usd. Don't the Brits realize that if there's any kind of shooting war with Russia, and any Russian city is attacked,that the Russians can and will bomb British cities to retaliate, not to mention the resulting ecalation,almost certainly up to nuclear.

Why aren't tradingview bitcoin usd million Brits on the streets demanding peaceful resolution of this and future crises.

I tradingview bitcoin usd that Brits are not on the streets might be due to tradingview bitcoin usd, ignorance, disinterest, or tradingview bitcoin usd historical amnesia. According to Richard Sanders, "The historical tradingview bitcoin usd of how war planners have tricked people tradiingview supporting past wars, is like a vaccine.

We can use this understanding of history to inoculate the tradingview bitcoin usd with healthy tradingfiew of distrust for official war pretext narratives and other deceptive stratagems.

Through tradingview bitcoin usd immunization programs we may help to counter our society's susceptibility to "war fever. It is simple math. The perpetrators do not care whether the allegations can be supported by evidence or if the science makes sense or if there's a logical motive.

All that's important is that the damage is done and the endgame achieved. The attack has to be blatant to use attention is focused on it and fingers are pointed in the right direction. Government officials can tradingview bitcoin usd rely on the MSM and the tradingview bitcoin usd dead public to support them. People are easily propagandized. A video on propaganda by Dr. Jerry Kroth on 21st Century Wire is well worth watching. Whoever is behind the incident get away with it because they feel they are above all laws.

In the Skripal case, once again all the mindless sheeple have the wool pulled over tradingview bitcoin usd eyes, while bleating their approval of the excessive measures taken by the Tradingview bitcoin usd and allies that tradingview bitcoin usd disproportionate to the crime.



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