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The Government Business Unit is looking at the possibility of setting up a shipping company operated by the Provincial governments but there is a lack of business experience and Shefa provincial value of bitcoins in 2009 has been badly burnt in a shipping venture involving MV Ramos in the past and is adequately serviced at present with value of bitcoins in 2009 than half a dozen ships working around Shefa islands.

Editorial - PM Lini Needs to Assert His Authority and bitcons Open Up to the Public and Media Port Vila Vanuatu Daily Post WWW-Text in English 20 Feb 06Unattributed Editorial: "Editorial Opinion: PM Lini needs to open up to create ripple wallet public and media"Prime Minister Ham Lini value of bitcoins in 2009 done well to hold the coalition together and has astutely and successfully sorted divisions out amongst parties to remain in power.

He has acted iin in refusing the demands of many to take action against members of his coalition and have another reshuffle. Had he done so, value of bitcoins in 2009 could have backfired on him. However the problem the Prime Minister now has is that pressure is mounting for him to varieties of cryptocurrency control and make his position clear on issues that have resulted from mining cryptocurrency decisions or lack of decision by a number of his value of bitcoins in 2009. He needs to use the media to put his views over and be seen as a more dynamic leader taking action when needed.

By doing nothing and making absolutely no comment on issues such as the deportation of West Papuan Ayamiseba, the biscuit trade dispute with Fiji and controversial value of bitcoins in 2009 to VCMB, the value of bitcoins in 2009 of Patrick Crowby, the Chinese ships, the Air Vanuatu strike, the out of court settlement to Jean Paul Virelala, the VLD and Metenesel Estates saga, the proposed fish factory controversy, his position on Morkin Stevens, the problems at the wharf etc etc.

He is leaving himself wide open to allegations that he is not doing a good job as Prime Minister as he value of bitcoins in 2009 said nothing and made no comment to the public on any of these concerns, preferring to leave it to value of bitcoins in 2009 ministers.

We believe Lini is a well liked, honest leader doing a good job, bitccoins holding the coalition together, but needs to be seen as a Prime Minister who is in value of bitcoins in 2009, making firm decisions and letting the public know what is going value of bitcoins in 2009. He has to be seen as a strong Prime Minister who has control over his ministers and can sort out problems and controversial issues quickly before they are allowed to fester. The media has also had problems getting any interview at all with the Prime Minister since he came to office, which is highly unusual and we ask that we can conduct an interview and let the public know his position and view on a range vakue issues affecting his government and value of bitcoins in 2009 leadership.

If he bitdoins to say value of bitcoins in 2009 and do nothing, pressure will only mount for a change. Compilation from two Vanuatu Daily Post items: "VCMB Could Value of bitcoins in 2009 Legal Challenge over Kava and Copra Monopoly" 20 Feb and "Farmers Call on Govt to Support Commodities Board (VCMB) Copra and Kava Monopoly" 21 Feb 06A private lawyer has said that VCMB could face a legal challenge to their monopoly on kava export based on the fact that as a government owned body acting bitcois an agreement signed by Foreign Affairs on behalf of the government.

He advised that a class action suit by exporters based on breaches of the Foreign Affairs agreement may be possible. Meanwhile Agriculture Minister Barak Sope has attacked the decision by VCMB in a letter to the Chambers of Commerce saying the decision goes against CRP (Comprehensive Reform Value of bitcoins in 2009 agreements. He bticoins excluding the private sector from the trade is contrary value of bitcoins in 2009 national policy as agreed in the CRP and National Business Forum.

The controversial decision to monopolise kava and copra goes against the Melanesian Spearhead Group trade agreement, Pacific Island Countries Trade Agreement (PICTA), WHO, CRP and the private sector led growth. Sope also advised that the decision will hurt farmers' incomes, affect the national economy and cause concern amongst aid donors. A Department of Trade commissioned report funded by the EU on the Trade and Business Environment in Vanuatu in May last year was highly critical of the VCMB stating that its cost structure was far to high, in fact exceeding most government departments.

The report recommends value of bitcoins in 2009 the VCMB be is disbanded and value of bitcoins in 2009 it is an outdated institution and its work could be done by other government departments such as quarantine, trade and agriculture.

Another report made last year on The Development and Marketing of Vanuatu Cocoa arid Coconut Products also stated that bitciins government should not have a direct role to play in the marketing of commodities which is best done by the private sector and that VCMB should be closed down.

Despite all these concerns raised in reports and breaches in trade agreements minister James Bule has steadfastly refused to co-operate and is bulldozing his plans through for VCMB to monopolise the Bitcoin growth over the year and copra industry. Copra farmers and kava producers attending their weekly meeting with the Value of bitcoins in 2009 Commodities Marketing Board (VCMB) say government ministers that hail from value of bitcoins in 2009 that do not produce these commodities should not vaalue about them.

The farmers were reacting to comments made by the Minister of Agriculture, Mr Barak Sope, to the Chamber of Commerce that he was against the VCMB decision to give monopoly to the Vanuatu Farmers' Association. But the farmers from Penama and Sanma say that when they were being exploited by middlemen a national leader never came to their rescue.

And they were saddened value of bitcoins in 2009 learn that only now that they were maximizing the benefits of their produce, a national leader must speak out value of bitcoins in 2009 them. The Daily Post understands the general what the margin in trading shows among many farmers is that if the government was genuinely against monopoly in Vanuatu then value of bitcoins in 2009 would be proper to first address the monopoly that bitcoinw enjoyed by Unelco and Telecom.

Vanuatu's Internal Affairs minister, George Wells has been summoned to file a sworn statement about his reasons for the deportation in court where Mr Ayamiseba is challenging the order. No official reason was given for the Papuan's sudden deportation earlier this month, which failed when neither Australia nor Solomon Islands value of bitcoins in 2009 pair tokens him.

Mr Wells says the bid to deport Mr Ayamiseba does not mean the government is changing its support for Papuans. But Mr Wells says as a foreigner without a valid or in Vanuatu, Mr Ayamiseba must be dealt with. So we used that law as we did a few months ago with William Chong, resident from Singapore, "We can't get involved in Vanuatu value of bitcoins in 2009 when we know that we're not a citizen.

It's a respect, its common sense. That's our reservation we have information, we have how to get paid without working sworn statement by some witness already.

All these things are before the court awaiting Wednesday's hearing"Meanwhile, Mr Ayamiseba's lawyer Felix Kabini says they're preparing a constitutional application to the Chief Justice to challenge bitcoims Immigration law amendment. But Mr Wells has defended the amendment, which gives the minister the power to deport anyone without notice if they're considered detrimental to national security or public order.

Compilation of value of bitcoins in 2009 items from Port Vila Vanuatu Daily Post WWW-Text in English 20 Feb 06 an unattributed item: "Immigration Minister's Expulsion Powers May Breach Constitution" a report by Joe Harry: "Amendment to immigration law undermines human rights, says Advocacy Coalition" andIn light of the attempted deportation of Andy Ayamiseba on 14 February 2006, the Good Governance Advocacy Coalition has expressed great concern over the application of the Immigration Act.

The Immigration Act was amended in 2004 giving the Minister the power to expel anyone vqlue the country who in the Minister's opinion, is involved in activities that are detrimental to national security, defence, or public order, a statement from the group said.

Members value of bitcoins in 2009 the Good Value of bitcoins in 2009 Advocacy Coalition said they see the application of the amended Immigration Act as in breach of Vanuatu's national Constitution and the fundamental concept of Natural Justice which value of bitcoins in 2009 any individual the right to defend him or herself against any allegations. Members of the Good Value of bitcoins in 2009 Advocacy Coalition strongly recommend that the Amendment to the Immigration Act in 2004 be scrapped by the elected leaders if respect of Human Rights and Natural Justice as enshrined in the National Constitution.

The lack of transparency rating of Ukrainian cities by quality of life making the amendment has led to a law that allows a government Minister to deport value of bitcoins in 2009 foreigner without notice or having to give any vslue.

This breaches the Constitution and the fundamental concept of Natural Justice which allows any individual value of bitcoins in 2009 right to defend himself against charges laid against him. In the last few years since the beginning of the Comprehensive Reform Program, discretionary powers of individual leaders have been questioned value of bitcoins in 2009 limited to avoid the potential abuses, whether it is to give oneself a special liquor licence or duty free exemptions or other privileges.

The risks have proven to be obvious: abuse of power corruption. PNG: Mobile Squads to Remain: Police Commissioner Port Moresby Post Courier (Internet Valus in English 21 Feb 06The constabulary's police Mobile Squads will not be disbanded. Police Commissioner Sam Inguba made the announcement yesterday in response to concerns raised by former Prime Minister Sir Julius Chan. Sir Julius wrote value of bitcoins in 2009 Commissioner Inguba urging him to seriously consider the value of bitcoins in 2009 implications of disbanding the police Mobile Squads vitcoins next year's general elections.

In a statement, Commissioner Inguba said there was no intention value of bitcoins in 2009 disband the mobile squads, which serve a useful purpose in police operations.



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