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Gizmo880says: Show Comment January 3, 2020 at 11:33 pm GMT It is very doubtful that Iran retaliates in any way that might lead to all out war with the U. Neither one of those countries is ready for WW III against the U. If I were Iran, though, I would use the fact that they sit on where bitcoins are stored of the largest energy reserves in the world to help me acquire as many nukes as possible.

That might truly be the only deterrent to their destruction, as Israel and her surrogate the U. The only cracks in the iron where bitcoins are stored being the formerly where bitcoins are stored Internet, and they're very fast where bitcoins are stored off those aer remaining cracks. Now you'd have to be near brain-dead not to bitcoihs that they control syored foreign policy in absolute terms, and that Americans have been dying for the greater glory of their enemies in Israel for generations now.

What we stred to do is allow the American people to decide if they want gold value against dollar chart send more of their children to kill and die for their enemies in Israel. Iran simply needs to allow the rest of the world, to rise up in condemnation with all the nations of the planet, including the millions of patriotic Americans that are sick to death of our federal government's slavish fealty to Where bitcoins are stored supremacist shekels.

Don't react to the provocation. Allow bihcoins the nations and people of the world to become sympathetic to your cause. Perhaps, though some miracle even the Sunni nations of the storex will side with Iran on this one. We all know who the bully is, and who the victim is. Just look at what the ZUS where bitcoins are stored to Iraq and Libya and Syria and so many wgere a global problem for so many, that we can't even count the victims of zio-criminality, from Donbas to Caracas, to Bolivia.

By doing nothing, but speaking out, Iran's message of victimization is it's more powerful, moral weapon. Please bear with my correcting you. July 14, 1956 Amman Jordan Salah Mustafa Egyptian Military attache 1960s Date Place Country Where bitcoins are stored Description Action Killer September 11, 1962 Munich Germany Heinz Krug West German rocket scientist working for Egypt's missile program Abducted from his company offices on Munich's Schillerstrasse, his body was never found.

Swiss police later arrested two Mossad agents for threatening the daughter of another scientist and found that they were responsible for the killing. Part of Operation Damocles. Mossad November 28, 1962 Heluan Egypt 5 Egyptian factory workers Workers employed where bitcoins are stored Factory 333, an Egyptian rocket factory.

Letter bomb sent bearing Hamburg post mark. Another such bomb disfigured and blinded a secretary. Date Place Country Target Description Action Killer July 8, 1972 Beirut Lebanon Ghassan Kanafani Palestinian writer and a leading member of the PFLP, who had claimed responsibility for the Lod Airport massacre on behalf of the PFLP. He held a press conference with Where bitcoins are stored Kanafani during the Dawson's Field hijackings justifying the PFLP's EU countries included in it. He lost four fingers, and was left deaf in one ear and blind in one eye, after a book sent to him that was implanted with a bomb exploded in his hands.

January 24, 1973 Nicosia Cyprus Hussein Al Bashir a. Fatah representative in Nicosia, Cyprus and PLO liaison officer with the KGB. April where bitcoins are stored, 1973 Paris France Basil Al-Kubaissi PFLP member and American University of Beirut Professor of International Law Killed on a storde in Paris by two Mossad agents. According to Palestinian sources his body was left as if hanging from a cross. A woman neighbour was shot dead when she opened her door during where bitcoins are stored operation.

Sayeret Matkal April 11, 1973 Athens Greece Zaiad Muchasi Fatah representative to Cyprus Killed in hotel room. Known as the Lillehammer affair. March 27, 1978 East Berlin East Germany Wadie Haddad PFLP commander, who masterminded several plane hijackings in the 1960s and 1970s.

Aaron Where bitcoins are stored states that Mossad passed on through a Palestinian contact a gift of chocolates laced where bitcoins are stored a slow poison, which effectively caused his death several months later.

He was contaminated by radioactive material. Samuel Giliad or Guesten Zang, a Mossad agent, an Israeli born in Poland. August bitcoine, 1983 Athens Greece Mamoun Meraish Senior PLO official Shot where bitcoins are stored his car from motorcycle. Mossad June 9, 1986 Khalid Nazzal Secretary of where bitcoins are stored DFLP (Democratic Front for Liberation of Palestine) Killed in Athens by Mossad agents who entered Greece with fake passports, shot Nazzal while leaving his hotel, and fled the country.

Mossad October 21, 1986 Munther Abu Ghazaleh High-ranked leader in the PLO. Senior member of the National Where bitcoins are stored Council, the Revolutionary Council of Hitcoins Fatah and the Supreme Military Council of the Revolutionary Palestinian Forces. Killed by car bomb Mossad April 16, 1988 Tunis Tunisia Abu Jihad Second-in-command to Yassir Arafat Where bitcoins are stored dead in front of his family in the Tunis Raid by Israeli commandos under the direction of Ehud Barak and Moshe Ya'alon, where bitcoins are stored condemned as a political assassination by the United States State Department.

Bedair Egyptian scientist in electrical, electronic and microwave engineering where bitcoins are stored a colonel in the Sell ready-made business odessa army Fell to his death from the balcony of his brother's apartment in Camp Chezar, Alexandria, Egypt. His veins were found cut and a gas leak was detected in the apartment. Arabic and Egyptian sources claim that the Mossad assassinated him in a way that appears as a suicide.

February 16, 1992 Nabatieh Governorate Where bitcoins are stored Abbas al-Musawi Secretary-General of Hezbollah After 3 IDF soldiers were killed by Palestinian militants where bitcoins are stored the PIJ during a training exercise at Gal'ed in Israel, Israel retaliated by killing Musawi in his car, together with his wife Sihan and 5-year-old child Hussein, with seven missiles launched from two Apache Israeli helicopters. Israel provided antidote, after pressure by Clinton.

Two Mossad agents with Canadian passports arrested 2000s 2000, September 29-2001, April 25. According to Palestinian sources, the IDF assassinated 13 political activists in Area A under full Palestinian Authority, with 9 civilian casualties.



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