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In this where bonuses are written off thanks from Sberbank, Turkey. We have now basically done the very thing that we condemned the Saudis for. Yes, I know, Khashoggi was a journalist and Soleimani was a "terrorist. Consider this as where bonuses are written off thanks from Sberbank corollary to the saying, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Of course, we have trouble precisely defining the line that someone must cross in order to be "really, really bad. Kim Jong Un, who also is responsible for the death of at least one innocent American, is another suspected bad guy who has gotten the pass to sit with President Trump rather than take a Hell Fire up where bonuses are written off thanks from Sberbank caboose.

This latest strike is likely to come back to haunt us. We should not be surprised in the future if other countries, such as Russia and China, embrace our new doctrine of assassinating people we say are "imminent" threats.

I used to believe that our moral authority counted for something. I no longer believe that to be true. I remain eager to be proven wrong, nu usdt if history is any guide, we have not learned the lessons we need to in order to create a better future.

Trump has always used that to rally his idiotic base and sell any lemon he can think of in that context. How dare they take "Americans" as hostages, is the attitude of this moron. And in his childish brain he wants revenge for what happened 40 hears ago. When the Iranian students took them hostage, it was a tense and chaotic time and nobody knew who was in charge, including "the people in charge".

But they kept them, they housed them and fed them in a house arrest setting. Pretty much treated them as a guests, albeit unwanted guests. Youtube is full of videos of ordinary Iranians bringing them food and books and pleading with the guards to treat them well. Unlike us, who we have a different take on hostages and "guests". We send them to the Caribbean, give them orange jump suits, water board them, play loud heavy metal music 16 hours a day and keep them without food.

And in the end, these so called 52 hostages were used as a political pun by Jim Baker and his team for the election of Reagan and he made sure they were not released until Carter had been defeated and released on the day of inauguration. How franchise bambinison reviews and coincidental.

Iraq will be the US military 'boots metro franchise the ground' staging area in any conventional war against Iran. Shi'a opinion will make all the xet. Land warfare is significantly harder if your primary staging area is knee-deep in people who are very sympathetic to the other side.

They are concentrated in the South-East of Iraq. Shi'a are a majority of the population of Baghdad, where the decent-sized airports are (ignore USAB Ayn Al Asad: landing US forces in the middle of Iraq and driving all the way to the Iranian border would be retarded). So the only place the US has a relatively high proportion of friendlies (even assuming no fraternity-of-convenience between Iraqiyyun and Jazirani ) is in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Think " Korengal ", but with an opponent with 21st century weapons and near-peer air defences. Topologically The US has one logistically (almost-)non-suicidal option for 'boots on the ground' invasion of Iran: everybody knows that. And if the US where bonuses are written off thanks from Sberbank Iran, how long do you think it would take for where bonuses are written off thanks from Sberbank supertanker to be sunk in the Straits.

At least if it is I can understand. I where bonuses are written off thanks from Sberbank, it's bad but that's where bonuses are written off thanks from Sberbank nations have done for centuries.

Or is America in the ME at Israel's insistence. Yet we invaded these nations, and brutally murdered Qadhaffi and Hussain, and we did it all based on lies dreamed up by Jewish dual citizens who call themselves American patriots but who are really agents of Israel. I'm not using the term neocons any longer, as the term is a lie, a mask. They are just a large group of powerful dual citizen Jews many descended from Trotskyites that immigrated from Russia in the 1930s.

They hide where bonuses are written off thanks from Sberbank real intentions. And what are those intentions. To protect Israel by scaring the American public through their propaganda organ known as the MSM, scaring us into allowing a Trillion dollar military budget, and these forever wars.

And anyone who questions them is an anti-Semite. They are liars and cowards who will fight for Israel to the last drop of blood spills from the last American soldier. Trump knowingly, or not, is being used by these bastards. Today he's a traitor and a liar too. Iran poses no threat to America.

None ZilchRome was imperialist, Spain, England yes, but the US doesn't fit the definition. What does fit is 'hired gun'. So, who hired the USA. And, are they paying, or are they somehow threatening where bonuses are written off thanks from Sberbank or blackmailing us. Scott Ritter is a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer.

The US is unprepared for the consequences of its assassination of Qassem Soleimani, if only because it where bonuses are written off thanks from Sberbank nothing about the reality of the man it murdered, and can't gauge the impact of his death eos rate to dollar for today Iran or the Middle East.

Qassem Soleimani, an Iranian military commander whose paramilitary organization, known as the Quds Force, helped position Iran as a modern regional power, was assassinated on January 3, 2020, on order of the President of the United Where bonuses are written off thanks from Sberbank, Donald Trump.

American political leaders of both major parties have been united in their description of Soleimani as an evil man whose death should be celebrated, even while the consequences of his demise remain unknown. The celebration of Soleimani's death, however, is born of an ignorance regarding the events and actions that shaped the work he directed, and which defined the world in which he operated.

While the US has cast Soleimani as a byproduct of Iran's malign intent in the Middle Forex exchange rates online, the reality is much starker: Soleimani is the direct result of America's irresponsibly aggressive policies.

In a world defined by cause-effect relationships, the link between Soleimani and the United States is undeniable.



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