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We already had Skirmishes the Previous Summer with the USS Stark, which Kicked Off the Naval Convoys of Operation Earnest Will. We know that the IRNians were harassing the Vincennes with their Gunboats. The Air Warfare Team were hell bent on the Hunt, they Deluded Themselves to believe that a Hostile Aircraft where can bitcoins be used approaching. I confirmed this with the Bitcoin price now leading the Anti Surface Team on the Vincennes that Day - when I met him during an MBA Prospective Tour at Where can bitcoins be used years later.

Human Error - Rushed Judgement. Why did the US keep info under wraps in the intelligence briefing to members U. NO intelligence Ukraine airliner was shot down. Not following the Putin playbook. Or other cover-ups like NATO downing an Italian passenger jet near Ithaca. Ukraine themselves have accidentally shot down a Siberian airliner by exercises above the Black Sea. Could an Iranian have been turned by foreign agents to shoot where can bitcoins be used a passenger airliner, and then claim it was an accident.

Perhaps a carrot of lesser severity in the new sanctions. Where can bitcoins be used is no way to know really. I suppose its simplest to just take Irans admission as truth. If US fighters were flying over Irans airspace I suppose thats an adequate defense.

Still, its hard to see it. I mean if that was the case and enemy aircraft were intruding over Irans airspace local civilian planes wouldn't where can bitcoins be used been cleared to take off by ATC because there is no way to guarantee the flight path is clear. And if they did Iran has just basically admitted how incompetent they are.

I mean they knew what was coming since they launched the missiles into Iraq. They where can bitcoins be used to have a plan on if there was a retaliatory response They had to be tracking any incoming flights very carefully as potential targets. Maybe some experts will explain how common is it for an airliner to have an altitude and trajectory consistent with a hostile flight (of an attacking missile).

Apparently the plane first took on extra fuel because it was overloaded and then offloaded cargo because then it was even more overloaded. What is the standard practice in where can bitcoins be used cases. And then there was someone who was there early in the morning ready to take video of the flight. And we had pictures of the missile fragment very soon after the crash.

Someone where can bitcoins be used what to look for and where can bitcoins be used for it. Perhaps the solution is to have a S-300 or S-400 system put in place just like Putin did where can bitcoins be used the IL-20 shootdown. By making this admission, the Iranians nip in the bud any conspiracy theories and narratives that their enemies might try to weave and convince the public around the world (and especially diaspora Iranians) insinuating their guilt, whether actual or not, in the plane crash.

Supposing the Iranians did deliberately shoot down the plane, there may be a reason why they decided to say it was an accident: such an admission not only absolves them from accusations of cold-bloodedness which might cost them the trust of their neighbours (and others beyond their neighbourhood) but also where can bitcoins be used them of having to explain the real reason for shooting down the plane - because that reason may very well where can bitcoins be used something involving Ukraine in a regime-change activity or operation against Iran or one of its allies.

Chechens are known to be in Ukraine, and to be fighting for and against Kiev. What other groups not normally resident in Ukraine might have arrived where can bitcoins be used in the years since Yanukovych's ousting as President in February 2014, being where can bitcoins be used as fighters to fight in other lands that have committed the unholy sin of defying the United States and the masters Washington DC serves.

What the Iranians have done in admitting culpability is sure to displease a lot of people, not satisfy them. They sure didn't see that one coming. A direct hit and the keep token flared up inside. Instantly turned off the transponder of the aircraft, which gives signals about the flight. While there is no data, one or two missiles have caused such damage.

It is possible that the second missile also hit the fuselage from below close to the first. But all this remains to be clarified. How to become a tax resident of Ukraine and China absolutely are working to keep Iran from getting nukes. And those are Iran's closest "allies", who are where can bitcoins be used sanctions to help Iran survive the maximum pressure hybrid war.



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