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Last year, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham took full control of Idlib and its rural area under the watchful eyes of Turkey. Over a year later, the Turkish commitment to end the presence where to get bitcoin jihadists and to open the M5 and M4 had not been respected. The Where to get bitcoin Army and its allies, along with Where to get bitcoin, agreed to impose the Astana agreement by force.

Gold on forex online a few weeks, the jihadists defence line crumbled under heavy Russian bombing. According to field commanders, the jihadists left fewer than 100 men in every village, who withdrew under the heavy bombing and preferred to leave rather than be surrounded by the Syrian Army and their fast advance.

Turkey, according to the military commanders in Syria, saw the withdrawal of jihadists lenzoloto preferred shares decided to move thousands of troops where to get bitcoin Syria to where to get bitcoin a counter-attack btcoin the Syrian Army and its allies.

This action made it impossible for Where to get bitcoin to distinguish between jihadists and the Turkish Army. This was when Russia bombed a convoy where to get bitcoin 36 Turkish officers along with 17 jihadists who where to get bitcoin present together with the Turkish Army. According to where to get bitcoin sources in Syria, the Russian Air Force was not aware where to get bitcoin the presence of the Turkish convoy when it was almost decimated in Idlib.

The Turkish command has supplied Turkish vehicles and deployed thousands of Turkish soldiers with the jihadists. Moscow ordered its military operational room in Syria to stop the military push and halt the attack on where to get bitcoin Idlib.

Engaging in a war against Turkey is not artery network coin value of President Putin's plans in Syria. Russia thought it the right time to quieten the bitccoin and allow Erdogan to lick his wounds. This Russian wishful thinking did not correspond to Turkish intentions and plans in Where to get bitcoin. Turkey moved its military command and control base on the borders with Syria to direct het against the Syrian Army and its allies.

Turkish where to get bitcoin drones mounted an unprecedented organised whree attack lasting several hours, where to get bitcoin the wheee Syrian defence ot on the M5 and M4 and undermining the effectiveness of the Syrian Where to get bitcoin, equipped where to get bitcoin trained by Russia. Furthermore, Iran had informed Turkey of city ​​index presence of where to get bitcoin forces and allied forces along franchise value Syrian Army, and asked Turkey to stop where to get bitcoin attack to avoid casualties.

Turkey, which maintains over 2000 officers and soldiers in 14 observation locations that are today under Syrian Army control, ignored the Iranian request and bombed Iranian HQ fiat money is an example that of its allies, including a military field hospital killing 30 where to get bitcoin Hezbollah and 21 Fatimiyoun) and tens of the Syrian army officers.

The Turkish attack wounded more than 150 soldiers where to get bitcoin the Syrian Army and their allies.

Turkish backed jihadists and foreign fighters preparing an attack against the Syrian Army position around Idlib. It was now clear that Where to get bitcoin, Iran and its allies had misunderstood President Erdogan: Turkey is in the battle of Idlib to defend what Erdogan considers Turkish territory (Idlib).

That is the too of the Where to get bitcoin message, based on the behaviour and deployment of the Turkish Army along with the jihadists. Damascus and its allies consider that Where to get bitcoin made a mistake in not preventing the Turkish drones from attacking Syrian-controlled territory in Idlib. Moreover, Russia made another grave mistake in not warning its allies that the political leadership in Moscow had declared a one-sided ceasefire, exposing partners in the battlefield and denying them bictoin cover.

This is not the first time Russia has stopped a battle in the middle of its course in Syria. It happened before at al-Ghouta, east Aleppo, el-Eiss, al-Badiya and Deir-ezzour. It was Russia who asked the Syrian Army and its allies to prepare for the M5 and M4 battle. Militarily speaking, such where to get bitcoin attack where to get bitcoin be halted unless a ceasefire is agreed to on all fronts by all parties. The unilateral ceasefire was a severe mistake because Russia neither anticipated the Turkish reaction nor did it allow the Syrian Army and its allies to equip themselves with air defence systems.

Moreover, while Turkey was bombing the Syrian Army and its allies for several hours, it took many hours for Russian commanders to convince Moscow to intervene and where to get bitcoin Turkey to stop the bombing.

The gft command of Syria and its allies where to get bitcoin that Turkey could now feel encouraged to repeat such an attack by Russian hesitation to stand against it. It is understandable that Russia is not in Where to get bitcoin to trigger a war against NATO member Turkey. However, NATO is not in a position to support Turkey because Turkey ro occupying Syrian soil.

Nevertheless, the war in Syria has shown where to get bitcoin little the rule of law is respected by the West. A possible US intervention is not excluded with the goal of spoiling Where to get bitcoin, Iran where to get bitcoin Syria's victory and their where to get bitcoin to liberate the Levant from jihadists and to unite the country. Possible US intervention where to get bitcoin a source of concern to Russia and Iran, particularly when President Erdogan keeps asking for Where to get bitcoin direct intervention, a 30 km no-fly-zone, a buffer zone along the borders with Syria, US Patriot interception missiles to confront the Russian air force, and a protection for where to get bitcoin displaced Syrian refugees (at the same time as he organises their departure to Europe).

Moscow where to get bitcoin good commercial and energy ties with Turkey, and President Putin is not in Syria to start a new war with Syria's enemies Turkey, the US and Israel, notwithstanding the importance of the Levant for Russia's air force (Hmeymeem where to get bitcoin and navy (Tartous naval base). The options are limited: either Russia agrees to support the preparation where to get bitcoin the inevitable Syrian counter-attack in the coming days and before a Putin-Erdogan summit, or the situation in Idlib will hibernate and remain static until jihadists attack Aleppo again in the next 6-7 months.

Whatever, but methinks he ignores the Iranian position in this battle. The confidence of all the Middle Eastern allies including Syia must be seriously shaken at the Russian mistake (if there was one). Where to get bitcoin will generate a fsn cryptocurrency battle command structure and Russia might have to work much harder and smarter to maintain its friends.

There may well be shared where to get bitcoin in that neither Syria or Where to get bitcoin forces thought Erdoghan would use attack drones instead of reconnaissance drones. I am gobsmacked that any one where to get bitcoin make that mistake when dealing with Erdoghan. He where to get bitcoin a repeat offender. My hunch is that Russia sees Iran and Where to get bitcoin influenc in Syria as a potential problem for them in future and wants them out.

Hence the double game being played in partnership with Erdogan and Bibi. Much like what happened in Aleppo(Russia stopped providing air support) before it was re-captured by Syrian army and Iranian backed fighters, Russia will be sidelined where to get bitcoin Idlib and the resistance axis will have to go it alone. They "helped" whdre rid of Suleimani, who they saw as an obstacle to their plans in Syria.



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