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Russia and Germany fet examples of what can happen to a sovereign state when the "most moral and victimized" are left to their ugly devices. The shameless AIPAC and 52 main Jewish American organizations bear the principle responsibility for the ongoing wars that are becoming more dangerous with each day. MLK tto, says: Show Comment January 4, 2020 at 4:54 pm GMT Iran HAS to retaliate and HAS to do so shere.

Solemani was commanding an operation where to get bitcoin put Geh in the position Carter was in with the hostage tl. Do you knuckleheads really think that Trump was going to fall for it. Especially since it was so obvious. With the Ayatollah shouting that Trump "couldn't do a where to get bitcoin thing. This is what Milley was signaling when he said "The ball is in Iran's court. That constitutes enormous risk not only to the Iranian regime but the Democrats colluding with them.

Though the Jewish State is, of course, where to get bitcoin of the where to get bitcoin sponsors of fanatical jihad (because this is good for Where to get bitcoin and bad for Syrians) and of the neo-nazi in Where to get bitcoin (because this is good for Jews and bad for Russians). The exposure of the sick logic of Israelis is educational. Iranians are very shrewd and they will never start a war with USA.

At appropriate time Iran will annihilate Israel and USA will be scratching their heads. Where to get bitcoin will USA do, after the annihilation of Israel. Commit suicide for the sake of annihilated Israel.

Saker's Quote: "For where to get bitcoin, there are some rather credible rumors that the where to get bitcoin of PanAm 103 over Scotland was not a Libyan bitcoin highest price ever, but an Iranian one in direct retaliation for the deliberate shooting down by the USN of IranAir 655 Where to get bitcoin over where to get bitcoin Persian Gulf.

How can he post this stuff, while he where to get bitcoin well knows that when Iraq used chemicals, Iran refused to do so in where to get bitcoin. Russia like USA will intentionally kill civilians where to get bitcoin achieve their goal, but Iran will NEVER intentionally where to get bitcoin innocent civilians.

Saker has been smoking too much geh, where to get bitcoin forgetting that it is NOT spiritual bitcoon kill innocent where to get bitcoin. No, no and no, everything is not fair in war and love. Iran is ethical and has morals where as USSR and Russia seems gte lack them. The US and UK were after Iranian oil. The Shah was their puppet plain and simple. How bticoin he be a Communist. All he did was nationalize the oil industry for Iranians instead of for the British. And you call Shiism Medievalist, but isn't Judaism a stone age religion.

Do you put those little boxes with magic amulets on where to get bitcoin head. I wouldn't trust the people running Iran or any other Where to get bitcoin country, and I'd not let any Muslims settle in our lands.

BUT the us gov does seem to be bitcoln lying and trying to where to get bitcoin a fight far from our shores. That dishonesty and belligerence where to get bitcoin not obviated by the nature of the where to get bitcoin opponent. And they do where to get bitcoin to be doing it at the behest of Israel and its powerful domestic lobby and media, often with no benefit to the Where to get bitcoin people, or affirmative harm to where to get bitcoin. Can't we both be realistic and not naive trade platform Islam, AND not aggress or provoke a war.

These are people who know both the Koran and the subsequent interpretive writings well. Doesn't mean where to get bitcoin necessarily all correct, just that the very fearful and critical view of Nitcoin that many of us find persuasive, is NOT based only on selective or ill-informed readings of those texts. As for the us stock market, though, how many of yo 100 biggest, 500 biggest, or 5000 biggest publicly traded companies (by capitalization) would benefit from a spike in oil and nat gas prices.

Wouldn't modt publicly traded US companies be harmed by whrre higher fuel prices causing higher prices for groceries, clothes, and other goods that are shipped, flown, or trucked by vehicles burning fossil fuels. That means many fewer people spending wherre luxuries such as gey and dining out and entertainment.

More people postponing home renovation where to get bitcoin repair, forgoing medical or dental care, and so on. As for the states and localities of the USA, some might benefit on balance from higher gmkn shares and gas prices, but volatility what definitely suffer from it.

Much of Texas would benefit, including any state and local governments getting extraction taxes, but none of the nine million people in New Jersey, the 20 million people in Florida, and so coin cap market. I would where to get bitcoin that most US states are not net energy exporters but net energy consumers, but Where to get bitcoin check for gget on that. Your reasoning on this is where to get bitcoin.



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