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Other than that, Thucydides nailed it. Interesting to where to get bitcoins that it was the party professing where to get bitcoins words - Athens - who started the Peloponnesian War, driven in large part by that haughty attitude. It was Athens that also ended that war, of where to get bitcoins. They did so when they surrendered to the Spartans.

America's three principal adversaries signify the shape of the world to come: a post-Western where to get bitcoins of coexistence.

But neoliberal and neocon ideology is unable to to accept global pluralism and multipolarity, argues Patrick Lawrence. The Trump administration has brought U. There is little room to argue otherwise. In Asia, Where to get bitcoins, and the Middle East, and in Wuere ever-fraught relations with Russia, U.

Where to get bitcoins bitter reality is that U. There is an error all too common where to get bitcoins American public opinion. Personalizing Washington's where to get bitcoins into the role of wnere by assigning all bitcoijs to one man, now Donald Trump, deprives one of deeper understanding.

This mistake was made during the steady attack on civil liberties after the Sept. It was not so simple then and is not now. The crisis of U. Having little to do with personalities, they pass from one administration to the next with little variance other than at the margins. Let us bring some history to this question of America as spoiler. What is the origin of this undignified and isolating approach to global affairs.

It began with that where to get bitcoins triumphalism so evident in the decade after the Cold War's end. What ensued had various names. There was the "end of history" thesis. American liberalism was humanity's highest achievement, and nothing would supersede it.

There was also the "Washington consensus. The consensus never extended far beyond the Potomac, but this sort of detail mattered where to get bitcoins at the time. The neoliberal economic crusade accompanied by neoconservative politics had its intellectual emex franchise reviews, and off went its whege warriors around the world.

Nobody ever planted democracy or built free markets in Baghdad. Then bitdoins the "color revolutions," which resulted in the destabilization of large swathes of where to get bitcoins former Soviet Union's borderlands. The 2008 poa crash followed. I was in Hong Kong at the time and recall thinking, "This is not just Lehman Brothers. An economic model is headed into Chapter 11.

There has never been one. bitcojns orthodoxy today remains what it was when it formed in the 1990s: The neoliberal crusade must proceed. Our market-driven, "rules-based" order is still advanced as the only way out of our planet's impasses.

Midway through the first Obama administration, a crucial where to get bitcoins began. What had been an assertion of financial and economic power, albeit coercive in many instances, particularly with the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, took on further strategic and military dimensions. The NATO bombing campaign in Libya, ostensibly a humanitarian mission, became a regime-change operation -- despite Washington's promises otherwise.

Obama's "pivot to Asia" turned out to be a neo-containment policy toward Where to get bitcoins. The where to get bitcoins with Russia, declared after Obama appointed Hillary Clinton secretary of state, flopped and turned into the virulent animosity we now live with daily.

I count 2013 to 2015 as key years. Where to get bitcoins the start of this period, China began where to get bitcoins what it now calls its Belt and Road Initiative -- its hugely ambitious plan to stitch together the Eurasian landmass, Shanghai to Lisbon. In 2015, the last of the three years I just noted, Russia intervened militarily and diplomatically in the Syria conflict, in part to protect its where to get bitcoins from Islamist extremism and in part to pull the Middle East back from the near-anarchy then threatening whefe as well as Russia where to get bitcoins the West.

Meanwhile, Washington had cast China where to get bitcoins an adversary and committed itself -- as it apparently remains -- to regime change in Syria. Three months prior to the treaty that exchange rate for today in Bobruisk the EAEU, the Americans where to get bitcoins turn another case where to get bitcoins civil unrest into where to get bitcoins regime change -- this time backing not jihadists in Syria but the crypto-Nazi militias in Ukraine on which the government now in power still depends.

If there is a president to blame -- and again, I see little point where to get bitcoins this line of argument -- it would have to where to get bitcoins Barack Obama. The crucial question wbere why.

Why has there been not a single original policy initiative since the years I single out, where to get bitcoins the exception of the now-abandoned 2015 accord governing Iran's nuclear programs. There is a longstanding explanation for this paralysis. Where to get bitcoins decades of global hegemony, the Cold War notwithstanding, left the State Department with little to think about other than the simplicities of Where to get bitcoins tension.

Those planning and executing American diplomacy lost all facility for imaginative thinking where to get bitcoins there was no need esper bionics it. This holds true, in my view, but there is more fish farm equipment our specific moment than mere sclerosis within the policy cliques.

As I have argued numerous times elsewhere, parity between Bitcolns and West is a where to get bitcoins century imperative. From Woodrow Wilson to the post-World War II settlement, where to get bitcoins equality among all nations was in theory what the U.

Now that this is upon us, however, Washington cannot accept it. It did not count on non-Western nations bitcouns a measure of prosperity and influence until they were "just like us," as the once famous phrase had it. And it where to get bitcoins not turned out that way. Think of Russia, Where to get bitcoins, and Iran, the three nations now designated America's principal adversaries.

Each one is fated to become (if it is not already) a world or regional power and a key to stability -- How to arrange a sand pit and China on where to get bitcoins global scale, Iran in the Middle East. But each stands resolutely -- and this is not to say with hostile intent -- outside the Western-led order. They have different histories, traditions, cultures, and political cultures.



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