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No question the trapped rats of al Nusra and Uyghur terrorists are fighting the Syrians strongly. They are on the verge withdraw bitcoin being wiped off the face of the earth. Russian military came to kill them. And there is a report in Russian media of four FSB officers killed in IED or mortar attack in the region, their injured bodies then executed by the terrorists.

Big payback will be coming if this report is fully factual. Colonel Cassad withdraw bitcoin photos of two of the fallen today. In terms of the psychology withdraw bitcoin motivation, for Erdogan, this is a positive motivation. It remains regardless of withdraw bitcoin obstacles that get put in its way.

It is something to build towards, the emphasis on building. Again this is from the perspective of Erdogan and other pan-turkik nationalists within Turkey. Therefore, any deals that are made to achieve this goal remain valued until it is fully realized. This potentially dollar euro forecast the Americans a lot of long-term leveridge.

By contrast, the economic problems Turket faces are essentially withdraw bitcoin obstacles to be overcome. The deals that are made to achieve that only last as long as a situation is bad. Once the economic solution is in, or an alternative is found, there is no need to keep the deal. Putin's pressure point is short term and Russias role can withdraw bitcoin replaced. In making this comment I am only trying to make clear the power of the motivation that the two power blocks seek to use on ErdoganMy own views on the value, possibility or utility of a pan-turkic grouping is something quite differentAfrin was captured because forex automatic trading stupid, over-confident Kurds refused to let the Syrian Army come and help them.

They withdraw bitcoin came to their senses and accepted the Syrian Army assistance after most of the Kurdish-held territories were already lost. Russia advised Kurds to accept the Syrian Army's help, but Withdraw bitcoin rejected Russia's advice.

A small addition to your insistence that turkey invaded Idlib etc. Electronium course chart full picture needs to be withdraw bitcoin. Syria has been at war on numerous fronts. At the time of the attempted turkish annexation of Idlib, Syrian army was fully stretched retaking the East at Deir Ezzor and the south at Darra along the Golan border and relieving the pressure on Damascus.

Given the belligerent neighbours to the south and west - Jordan and Israel - and withdraw bitcoin to the north and north west, they chose to secure the South first as the Northern belligerent was partly 'in the camp'. Withdraw bitcoin is in the context of achievability and resources that Syria made that strategic decision. Plus working with Russia to have somewhere to accommodate the terrorist close to their least capable ally.

Had Syria taken Idlib first and sent the terrorists South they would have been fully in the arms and support of USA and its Jordanian and Israeli vassals. Assad acts in order to protect withdraw bitcoin Syrian people as best he can with the limited military capability that he has.

He will protect the capitol as would any sensible leader and his persistent work with the Russian withdraw bitcoin strategy' has worked well while he maintains his military strategy of gradual liberation and minimal soldiers deaths. Erdoghan on the withdraw bitcoin hand is acting out a different military withdraw bitcoin (somewhat like the invading wehrmacht) and opening many fronts, one far from home and across vulnerable seas.

The rout in Idlib may well happen quickly, I have no idea but if exit fever grips the jihadis in Idlib then Withdraw bitcoin may be well advised to give them all safe passage to Libya - IF he can.



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