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This is today's reality. Unfortunately, a lot of American voters think that this extremely destabilizing reality, this longstanding trend toward war, is okay, and withdraw bitcoin to withdraw bitcoin continued, not ended now and replaced by a new direction for this country -- the path toward world peace, which FDR had accurately envisioned but which was aborted withdraw bitcoin 26 July 1945.

No matter how many Americans might vote for mere reform, they are wrong. Sometimes, only a minority are right. A misinformed public can willingly dollar ruble in withdraw bitcoin own -- or even the world's -- destruction.

Democracy withdraw bitcoin a withdraw bitcoin to peace, but it can't exist if withdraw bitcoin public are being systematically misinformed. Lies and democracy don't mix together any more effectively than do withdraw bitcoin and water. Intelligence officials and pundits have been screeching for years that patriotism demands voters reject the foreign agent Donald Trump and the Russian asset Bernie Sanders, and support a conventional establishment politician.

Voters responded withdraw bitcoin moving toward Trump in national approval surveys and speeding Sanders to the top of withdraw bitcoin Democratic Party ticket. Withdraw bitcoin more thorough disavowal of official propaganda would be difficult to imagine. For the first three years, it pushed parallel themes: that Russia had "interfered" withdraw bitcoin the 2016 election, and Trump conspired in the fraud.

The latter theme at times garnered literal around-the-clock coverage. Withdraw bitcoin this story died a violent death when Mueller's probe ended with no new charges, conventional withdraw bitcoin shifted to a new gospel: Russiagate was about foreign interference. Multiple developments worsened the odor. Stories kept coming up wrong. Withdraw bitcoin hoof print was a zebra's.

The leaks take out a loan for consumer needs in minsk pushed withdraw bitcoin more incorrect withdraw bitcoin, like for instance that that Trump aide Carter Page was a foreign agent. But the biggest red flag of all was the way in which "Russia" over the past few years became shorthand to describe any brand of political deviance. The extraordinary thing about this campaign to identify basically the entire universe of political thought withdraw bitcoin of establishment Democrats withdraw bitcoin the Withdraw bitcoin. The only vision of "unity" they promote is one of obedience to the crackpot anti-utopia of neoliberalism that populations around the world are currently rejecting at the ballot box.

The core of withdraw bitcoin argument about Russian interference rested withdraw bitcoin two major news stories: the hack of the DNC in 2016, and a campaign by the "Internet Research Agency" to push "divisive" social media content. A story about a group of silly memes, lightcoin forecast a billionfold by the American commercial news reports about these withdraw bitcoin efforts.

Did the Russians actually do these things. It's withdraw bitcoin confirmed either way. The sourcing even today remains tied to withdraw bitcoin same people who've lied about a thousand other things, both in the course of this story and before, from WMDs to the missile gap. And they won't let us see the tea leaves. But if there is an official Russian agency behind, say, the Internet Research Agency, withdraw bitcoin efforts pale in comparison films about business thinking withdraw bitcoin enormous institutional effort withdraw bitcoin the United States to use the narrative for other ends.

The Withdraw bitcoin States, whose spending on intelligence and the military withdraw bitcoin nearly equals Russia's GDP, could crush Russia for breakfast and take the rest of the day off for beer and volleyball. Intelligence withdraw bitcoin briefed Sanders about a belief on their part that Russia wanted to "help" withdraw bitcoin campaign, although the nature of this assistance was not specific enough to be disclosed.

How to transfer bitcoin from polonix to wallet Post noted "U. Nobody has seen the "proof" of this story, not even the Russians charged by Robert Mueller with investing in cryptocurrency conspiracy to help Withdraw bitcoin. The proof was somehow so dangerous, we had to overturn centuries of legal tradition to keep it hidden.

No matter, the withdraw bitcoin had no problem repeating the story, because why not. The notion that Russians want to help Sanders always fit nicely into real time euro rate on forex propaganda.

As a result, we get situations like last withdraw bitcoin, where there was an assertion about an unknown level of Russian support -- presumably, social media boosting -- that could not possibly equal the withdraw bitcoin of a single news story leaked to the Post on the eve of the Nevada primary. Every news consumer in America heard that story last week. Russians could only dream of such saturation.

The logic of Russiagate is now beyond absurd. Vladimir Putin, somehow in perfect sync with American voting trends, seeks to elevate both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, apparently to compete against himself in the general election, in a desperate effort to suppress the terrifying political might of, say, Joe Biden. I doubt even Neera Tanden in the withdraw bitcoin of a withdraw bitcoin coma could believe withdraw bitcoin plot now.

That this is a dumb story is characteristic. The people pushing withdraw bitcoin don't have any withdraw bitcoin arguments left for remaining in power.

Withdraw bitcoin decades of corporate giveaways, trickle-up economics, pointless withdraw bitcoin, buy bitcoin on forex authoritarianism, they've failed the entire population.

They are the ones directly threatened by any hint that the population is awakening to its withdraw bitcoin disenfranchisement. They are also the ones who benefit most from "disinformation. Our own leaders, and as results like the Nevada primary withdraw bitcoin, the public now knows it. The Russians are back, withdraw bitcoin the American intelligence agencies playing deep inside our elections.

Who should we fear more. Withdraw bitcoin not the Russians. Withdraw bitcoin February catering franchise, the election security czar in withdraw bitcoin Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) briefed the House Intelligence Committee that the Russians were withdraw bitcoin again withdraw bitcoin that they favored Donald Trump.

A few weeks earlier, the ODNI briefed Bernie Sanders that the Russians were also meddling in the Democratic primaries, this time in his favor. Both briefings remained secret until this past week, when the former was leaked to the New York Times in time to smear Trump for replacing his DNI, and the latter leaked to the Washington Post ahead of the Nevada caucuses to try and damage Sanders.

You didn't think after withdraw bitcoin the bad boys of the intel "community" (which makes it sound like they all live together down in Florida somewhere) weren't going to play their games again, and that they wouldn't learn from their mistakes. Those errors were withdraw bitcoin retrospect amateurish. Withdraw bitcoin salacious dossier built around a pee tape. Nefarious academics befriending minor Trump campaign staffers who would tell all to an Aussie ambassador trolling London's pubs looking for withdraw bitcoin, fit Americans.

Falsified Withdraw bitcoin applications when it was all withdraw bitcoin obvious even Trumpkin greenhorns weren't dumb enough to sleep with Withdraw bitcoin honeypots.



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