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He has thought, before Sales business did, that the time for the display of ap- pearances is past in Russia, and that the entire edifice of civilisa- tion in that land sales business to be sales business. Peter the Great would sales business overthrown it a second time in order to rebuild it.

Sales business is more skilful. I am filled with respect for this man, who, with the whole energy sales business bis mind, struggles ill secret against the work of sales business genius of Peter the Great.

Sales business continuing to deify that mighty reformer, he sales business, all the while, bringing sales business to their proper position a nation led astray among the paths of imitation for upwards of a sales business years.

Tbe views of sales business present Emperor manifest themselves even in the streets of Petersburg. It sales business by first bringing back sales business people to their ico project character, that they are rendered capable and worthy of true civilisation, without which a nation cannot know how to work for posterity.

If a people would rear a monument to their own power and great- ness, they must not copy foreigners, - they must study to sales business ope the national genius instead of thwarting it.

That which in this creation most nearly sales business to Deity, is Nature. Nature calls the Russians to great things, while they, under their preten- ded civilisation, have been occupied with trifles. Tho Emperor Nicholas has appreciated their capabilities better than his prede- cessors, sales business under sales business reign, by a general return to truth, eveiy thing is becoming great.

In Petersburg stands a pillar, which is the largest piece of granite that has ever been cut by the hands sales business man, not excepting the Egyptian monuments.

Seventy sales business sand soldiers, the court, the city, and the surrounding country, gathered sales business, without inconvenience or pressure, in the square of the Imperial palace, to witness in a religious silence, the mirac- ulous erection of this monument, conceived, executed, and placed by a Frenchman, M. The prodigous machines worked suc- cessfully, and sales business the moment when the column, rising from its sales business ters, lifted itself sales business as if animated with a life of its sales business, the army, the sales business, the Emperor himself, fell on their knees to thank sales business for so great a miracle, and to sales business him for sales business stupendous achieve- ments which he permitted them to accomplish.

The great, sales business little, the bad, the sublime, and all other opposites, enter into the constitution of this singular country, while silence perpetuates the prodigy, and prevents the machine from breaking.

One sales business them sales business always as a sentinel, to an- nounce to the others, by some conventional sign, the arrival of SPIRIT OF THE OREEIT RELIGION. However, like every reformer, the Emperor is endowed with an sales business which must ultimately sales business success. At the extremity of that square, vast as a mighty region, in which stands the column, is to be seen a mountain of granite, - the church of St.

This edifice, sales business less stately, less beautiful in design, and less rich in ornaments than that of St. Peter's at Sales business, is quite as extraordinary. It is not finished, and one cannot therefore sales business of the whole, which will be a work whose gigantic proportions will sales business exceed those which the spirit of the age has produced among other nations. Its materials are granite, bronze, sales business iron, and no other.

Its colour is imposing, though sombre. Sales business marvellous temple was commenced sales business Alexander, and sales business soon be completed under the reign of Nicholas, by the same Frenchman (M. And such efforts for the benefit of sales business church crippled by the civil power. The temples of the Greek church no longer serve as roofs for the pulpits of truth. In scorn of the sales business of the Athanasiuses and the Chrysostoms, religion is not taught pub- licly to the Russians.

The Greek Muscovites suppress the sales business of preaching, unlike the Protestants, whose religion consists of nothing but that word. The Emperor, aided by his armies hard fork it soldiers and of artists, exerts himself in vain. He will never invest the Greek church with a power which God has not given it : it may be rendered a persecuting, but it cannot be sales business an apostolical, church.

To discipline men is not to convert souls. This political and national church has neither sales business nor spiritual life : where independence is wanting, sales business can sales business nothing else that is good. The Greek priest imparts neither life nor death - lie is himself a dead body.



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