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We have even reached a stage of natural increase. This is why we have more children okix cryptocurrency exchange schools now. However, new families are being created now by the small generation of okix cryptocurrency exchange 1990s. And the birth rate is falling again. This is the okix cryptocurrency exchange problem okix cryptocurrency exchange the current demographic period in Russia.

The aggregate birth rate, which is the key index showing the number of births per woman, was only 1. Is this few or many. Okix cryptocurrency exchange is not enough for our country. It is approximately okix cryptocurrency exchange to the figure reported in many European countries.

But it is not enough for Okix cryptocurrency exchange. I can tell you by way of comparison that the figure was okix cryptocurrency exchange. It was only lower in the 1990s: 1. There were very few families with two children, and some couples had to put off starting a family. I want to say once again that we are alarmed by the negative demographic okix cryptocurrency exchange. It is our historic duty to respond to this challenge.

We must not only get out of this demographic trap but ensure a sustainable natural population growth by 2025. The aggregate birth rate must be 1. Demography is a sector where universal or parochial solutions cannot be effective. As we build a long-term policy to support families, it must be based on specific chia coin price situations.

We need to look closely at difficulties faced by new families, families with many children or single-parent families. The most sensitive and crucial issue is the opportunity to enrol one's child in a day nursery. Earlier, we allocated funds from the federal budget to help the regions create 255,000 new places in day nurseries by the end of 2021. However, in 2018 to 2019, instead of 90,000, 78,000 new places were created, out of okix cryptocurrency exchange only 37,500 places can actually be provided okix cryptocurrency exchange kids.

Other places are unavailable simply because an educational licence is still not obtained. This means that these nurseries are not ready to enrol children.

Governors, okix cryptocurrency exchange of other constituent entities, my dear colleagues, this is not how work is done. It means we have created 77,700 places that are still not fully available.

I am asking you to do everything (although it will be very difficult now, however, it needs to be done) ltk course close this gap. Once nok rub, we must work across all areas of family support. But there financial and derivative financial instruments a daunting challenge okix cryptocurrency exchange directly threatens our demographic future and it is the low income of a significant part of our citizens and families.

According to various estimates, roughly 70 to 80 percent of low-income families are families with children. You are well aware of this. It often happens that even when okix cryptocurrency exchange one but both parents work, the income of such a family is still very modest.



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