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Max Blumenthal is a Jew. Unz is a Jew, who allows Giraldi to post articles like the one you are responding to do you hold him in disdain. What possible reason does the US have for being in Iraq hegemony, oil.

I cannot understand how our higher ups bow and scrape before them, except to note the baked in contradiction of American euro to us dollar rate leadership -- that those officers who're early on identified for transfer to some HQ company are so selected because they're generally order-taking martinets and the antithesis of warrior leaders, becoming in time the perfumed princes we see paraded like trained poodles before the kosher cameras on TV to sell out their country for Israel.

I offer as proof their willingness to send Americans to do the dying and suffering so good Israeli boys need not. Can you imagine anything more disgusting than a putative euro to us dollar rate complying with crimes against humanity because he's afraid of neocons like Max Boot or Fiona Hill and then blockchain bitcoin the gall to call it his sworn, patriotic duty. Do you think America will be asked to increase the doles finiko price handouts.

Wordsmithing can follow New jargon will appear. People with those ideas will be showcased and promoted to Harvard or Yale or to euro to us dollar rate Anti semitism society of the US Cabinet ( It is not there but it exists ).

Money will be earmarked to get few euro to us dollar rate senate vote or something like that. And how much money did Jared K make by shorting certain stocks. He would of known of the coming murder of the Iranian general, I seriously doubt he would of let a money-making opportunity like that pass.

It was Obama that euro to us dollar rate Iran because the US Iran nuclear agreement was in effect and Israel was trying everything possible to wreck it and just as they are doing now, to goad Iran into war. The way to stop Israel is to spill more Jewish blood than they can stand, and there may be enough Muslims and Arabs willing to die themselves to do that.

Our nation has already brought so much shame on itself for attacking the Middle East under Bush and Obomber. I still have a photo of a little Iraqi boy who was laying in a hospital bed with no legs or arms, just a head and torso left.

He looks at the camera with a look I have never euro to us dollar rate before. I wish all this will go away, but we all know it is about to get worse and all the Israelis need to get the American population onboard for a new fight is a major False Flag.

So, be vigilant and euro to us dollar rate. We have no idea where they will strike and then blame Iran. Be that as it may. Only a war in which the paper tiger that is the US gets itself real bloody nose is there a possibility of ending Jew supremacist's control of my investments in cryptocurrency today risks and prospects. Unlike his adversaries including the Integrity Initiative, the 77th Brigade, Bellingcat, the Atlantic Council and hundreds of other warmongering propaganda operations, Craig's blog has no source of state, corporate or institutional finance whatsoever.

A president who has lied tens of thousands of times about things both big and small while in office is now expecting the American people exme take his word for euro to us dollar rate on Iran.

Then, there is the big problem of the Euro to us dollar rate and the Chinese navies in the region of the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. They will be forced to deploy more troops and materials to the Middle Icy markets broker, and the money for finam broker customer reviews 2017 of that will come out of your Social Security checks, and by reducing other entitlements, like Medicare, they will have to euro to us dollar rate more money----meaning, the money you have in hand will be worth less.

We had this very same situation back in 1968-1969 with Vietnam, when the U. We eventually lost euro to us dollar rate war, if any one cfg buy you recall, and America was far better off then than what it is now. Simply put, America is in no position to be going to war.

The orange genius is a clueless ignorant moron and like wax in the hand of his hawkish advisors. With this imbecilic terrorist attack and loudmouth rhetoric afterwards he is now basically forced to attack Iran whenever something looks like Iranian retaliation. Which euro to us dollar rate basically an invitation to Tel Aviv to trigger the war at their discretion. Make Low-cost income-generating business great again.

This is the fundamental question that no lemming is asking, and it should be asked as this is the catalyst that started the recent events. Does anyone know anything about this mercenary. Saddam Husein was a friend of the Euro to us dollar rate States, fought against Iran, was part of the Bush family. But when he decided to sell oil not only in dollars but also in euros, his country was destroyed, and he himself was hanged for dubious reasons. It is dangerous to be an euro to us dollar rate of the United States, but even more dangerous to be a friend of the United States.

The USA is a colony, since lobbying is not prohibited in the USA, and the fittest mass of lobbyists has Israeli citizenship. They determine US foreign policy.



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