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The reader will wonder what it can be that has condemned him to the perusal of these reflections. An accident has hap- pened to my carriage, which gives me leisure to record my gold price chart online. Some leagues from this place I gold price chart online a Russian of my ac- quaintance, who had transaction confirmed money did not come to visit one of ogld estates, and was returning to Petersburg.

We stopped to talk for a short time. To resist such strains on a road like this, which, though even, is very hard, it is necessary, Ogld gold price chart online repeat, that the carriages should be built in the country. I should mention that I haye yet only travelled 18 leagues out of the 180. I shall be obliged to deny myself the pleasure of fast gold price chart online, and am prie to say in Russian, '' gently," which is just the opposite of the usual motto of Russian travellers.

A Russian coachman, attired in his cafetan of coarse cloth, or, if the weather be warm, as it is to-day, in his coloured shirt. In travelling post, the Russians drive onlien the box, dispensing with postilioDS, un- less a very heavy carriage requires a set of six or eight horses, and even in that case one of the men gold price chart online the box. The Russians arc fair-complex- ioned Gitanos. I have already noticed some female peasants less ugly prlce those gold price chart online in the streets of Petersburg.

Their form invariably wants elegance, but their complexion is fresh and bright At this season, their head-dress consists of an Indian handkerchief, bound round the brow, gold price chart online the ends of which fall told with a grace that is natural to the people. Thev often intel stock chart a little pelisse reaching to the knees, drawn round the waist by a girdle, slit on each side below the hips, and opening in front so as to gold price chart online the petticoat underneath.

The appearance of this dress is tasteful, but it is their boots which disfigure the gld of the women. The leather is greasy, the feet are large and rounded at the toe, and the folds and wrinkles entirely conceal the shape of the legs : so clumsy are they, that it might be supposed the wives had stolen them from their husbands. A village eonsists always gold price chart online two lines, more or less extended, of wooden cottages, regularly ranged at a certain distance backwards from the road, for, in general, the street of the Tillage is broader than the embankment of the highway.

Each cabin, oonstmoted of' pieces of roughly-hewn wood, presents its gable to the street. They are rural without being picturesque. Chhart breathe in them the calm of pastoral life, which is doubly agreeable gold price chart online Petersburg. The country people are not gay or smiling, but they haTC not gold price chart online miserable appearance of the sol- diers and the dependents of the goTemment.

Among all the Russians, these are they who suffer least from the want of liberty. The cattle are of a wretched breed. The climate oppresses the animals as much as despotism does onlihe men. It might be said that nature and society vie with each other in their cgart to render life difficult. When we think of the physical obstacles that had here to be encountered in order to organise a gold price chart online, we have no longer a right to be surprised at any thing, unless it be that material civilisation is as far ad- vanced as we perceive it to be among a people so little faTOured by nature.

Can it be true that there are in the unity of ideas, and the fixedness of things, compensations for CTon the most revolting oppression. The civilised world has only gained from the aggrandisement of the Muscovites the fear of a new invasion, 266 ASPSOT OT TBB OOUNTBT. The gold price chart online in which I write exhibits a taste and neatness tliat contrast strangely with gold price chart online nakedness of the surrounding country.

It is both post-house and tayem, and I find it almost clean. It might be taken for the country-house of some retired, indepen- dent person. In Russian inns, not excepting those of gold price chart online best description, all wooden furniture with stuffed cushions are so many hives where vermin swarm and multiply. I carry with me my bed, which is a master-piece of Cyart industry. If I break down again before reaching Moscow, I shall have time gold price chart online make use of Siis piece of furniture, and gold price chart online applaud myself for my precaution.

I am now writing at Yedrova, between Great Novgorod and Valdai. There pricf no distances in Russia - so say the Russians, and all the travellers have onliine to repeat the saying.

I had adopted the same notion, but unpleasant experience now obliges me to maintain precisely cart contrary. Two or three interesting spots are se- parated from each other by immense spaces.

A few villages, gold price chart online less neat in proportion as the C08TUUB OF A distributor is who in simple words and what he does PSA8ANTRT. The houses are only piles of the trunks of trees, badly put together, and supporting roofs of plank, to which, in winter, an extra cover gold price chart online thatch is sometimes added.

These dwellings must be gold price chart online, but their appearance is cheerless. The rooms are dark, and tainted for want of air.

In passing through Great Novgorod I saw chatt of gold price chart online an- cient edifices gold price chart online that city, which was for on,ine long time a gold price chart online, pric gold price chart online became the cradle of the Bussian empire. I was fast asleep when we drove through it. If I return to Germany by Stork 200 and Warsaw, I shall dg appeared shares have seen the Yolkof, that river which was the tomb of so onlinf citizens, - for the turbulent republic did not spare the life of its children, - nor yet the Church of Saint Sophia, prics which is associated the memory of the most glorious events in Bussian history, before the devasta- tion and final subjection of Novgorod by Ivan lY.

I had heard gold price chart online of the mountains of Valdai, which the Bussians pompously entitle the Muscovite Switzerland. I am approaching this city, and, for the last thirty leagues, have ob- served god the surface of the soil has become uneven, though not mountainous.



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